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ACTIVE DUTY: Here’s a nice, heaping serving of fresh, hot MAN! This is my new obsession, Scott Ambrose. Scott is extremely well proportioned at 6’4′, 220. He sorta reminds me of a stylish, updated Clark Kent, but it’s probably just the glasses and the ripped physique!

He starts out relaxing on the bed, watching some porn on the TV. Scott took plenty of time to rub himself all over before removing even a single item of clothing. Once his tank top came off, he still teased us a bit by prolonging the solo foreplay. I certainly enjoyed Claude’s choice of positioning here. We have a great view of Scott’s feet in the foreground. I could hardly contain myself leading up to the unveiling.

And once Scott finally does peel of those blue jeans, we see he’s already very erect and eager to show us how he indulges. Scott has that perfect military look: the hair, the black-rimmed glasses, and we see here he even jerks his stiff cock like a good soldier! Scott really tugs his hard dick vigorously while letting his free hand do lots of roaming and exploring.

Finally, we have Scott erupting a healthy load of hot cum all over his six-pack stomach. I think there’s potential here for a solid new prospect!









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  1. If he really needs glasses, he might want to get some that flatter his face (rather than making him look like Drew Carey’s muscular twin) or maybe just go for contacts or some Lasik. If he doesn’t need the glasses, then he should never put them on.

    And the lighting on his face . . . . I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone who has a mustache that comes and goes like his. (I don’t think he’s actually got a ‘stache but that lighting–sometimes he looks like he’s got one and other times he doesn’t.)

    Get rid of the glasses and get him under some good lighting and he’s pretty good-looking.

    • I agree with everything joeynmtgy8 has said…..will add the pics are boring yet again of a hunky sexy man

  2. Joey nailed it. I couldn’t decide if it’s his beard line, some stubble, he needed makeup or what was happening. And he’s either terrified, unsure, or just doesn’t have “it”. Have to say, he’s got zero sex appeal. The only thing I liked is his height. But everything else just doesn’t work. Others may disagree and that’s okay, but for me, he’s probably one of the most unattractive men featured here…ever.

    If the kinks are worked out; maybe better lighting, makeup, a tan…whatever, maybe then I might change my opinion. For now, it’s an epic pass for me.

  3. He really wasn’t flattered by the photographer. It’s a great example of what poor lighting can do, unfortunately.

  4. well he was big and bulky .. but im afraid he wasn’t where id want him to be rather see some slim smooth hug guys .. there is some out there .. just very rare to see any on here :/

  5. Seemed kinda disinterested in the whole thing. To bad, maybe he just was not into the camera man.

  6. A real sexy guy – please guys – we get enough comments about our looks in the real world – this guy is very short sighted and needs specs – lets not be superficial. x

  7. I don’t know… he’s got some kind of post Cro-Magnon thing going on. Even with the glasses. I agree. He’s either bored or terrified on camera.

  8. I don’t know how you guys can make such cruel comments about Bette Davis’ grandson. He asked to wear the glasses because he didn’t want the resemblance to be recognized. Cut the poor guy some slack. If your granny was “Whatever happened to Baby Jane/Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte” you’d look a wee bit unhappy too.

  9. At 6’4″ I don’t think I even need to get on my knees to suck his cock.

    Would love a round with him.

  10. Poor guy trying to make a living and now everyone is telling him how to dress and what he should do or not to do double standard from some members

  11. congratulations SICILIANMIKEY and all the other imperfect ageing queens on here !! yet again you have outdone yourselves with your vitriolic critiques of a young guy poking his head out in the world, making an effort,,,he may be imperfect but he has way more balls than the usual “professional critics ” on here, most of who don’t even have a torso pic of themselves, let alone a face pic…Sicilianmikey… congratulations on dishonouring this young guy by branding him with your “most unattractive ever ” on here, as you so elegantly stated

    • I don’t see you attempting to describe him. You’re more butthurt over my words than anything. Instead of countering my point, you put all your energy in attempting to put it on me.

      As I said, others may disagree and that’s okay. See, that right there is your invite to make your argument in favor of him. You didn’t even bother to counter me, just make a weak effort to put it on me.

      When all’s said and done, do my words really affect you that much? Are my words going to ruin your weekend? If you have a point about to make…here’s the floor.

      I’m entitled to express myself. Chances are he may never even see my words. And if he did, then maybe he’d contact the studio and demand they retake his shots. At best, those that worked on these dropped the ball and owe it to him to redo them, the lighting alone is awful. The work on these photos is amateur at best.

          • I admit you’re an intrusive, know-it-all-asshole I couldn’t possibly care less about. So there’s that goin’ for ya.

            And since you obviously crave attention…there’s no double standardsided. I find his layout to be highly unflattering and did say if later he does another spread I’d be willing to change my mind. When it comes down to it, why do you really care what I think, say, or feel? You care because you want to…plain and simple.

  12. crying like a baby When your wrong your wrong and you must care you keep trying to defend yourself for nothing

    • It’s you’re you half wit. Defend myself? Hardly. I just knew own what to say to illicit a response from you. Besides, doing so is as easy as you are.

      My dried jizz in my cum rag is more intelligent than you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA….

      You’re just a poorly educated, massive douche nugget!!!

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