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Justin & Joe Cade. They were often billed as ‘brothers’ but in fact, they may have been cousins. I’m sure BeHairy knows the “REAL” story!

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  1. Brothers, cousins or just models who happened to look alike, it was always a treat to see these guys together.

    Personally, I always thought they looked better without the moustaches.

    It’s also great to see those impossibly tight jeans again — though they made it hard for hirsute men to keep hair on their legs.

    Waiting for the update on where and how they are now.

  2. Please…we do not need the “real story”! Let’s just enjoy the pics…which r gorgeous! Thx Sarge!!! & yeah…gotta luv those ‘staches & jeans…!!

  3. Here’s a mixture of what I know and have been told by reliable sources. Too bad I’m travelling as Justin’s yahoo address is at home. Justin has made it clear several times they’re not related in interviews. The only thing in common is they both did porn and are Canadians. They were originally linked as ‘cousins’ in the Falcon film “Splash Shots” ’85. This photo set here is dated Honcho Aug. ’86 and is shot by Kristen Bjorn. Fred Bisonnes was art director at Falcon and Bjorn was his protégé. He was also art director at LPI Prod. for the Advocate. He bounced back and forth between them, but would leave Falcon permanently in ’89 for LPI and create Men. While at Falcon, he shot a young SFU student, Bjorn, in 2 vids. Bjorn planned on a life as a travel photographer, so they became close friends and Fred taught him his craft. A year later, after Fred introduced him to various editors, Bjorn left for Brazil where he worked shooting porn for 8 years before coming back to direct. The whole ‘cousin’ thing was just a marketing gimmick. Obviously successful as it still is talked about.

    Joe Cade worked ’84-’92 and did about 20 films. He was linked notably to 2 others in porn. Joe had a BF in Brian Adams ( act: ’86-’95 ). They met on the set of Surges “Better Than Ever”(’88). Supposedly they didn’t get along, but were living together in 2 months. I think they appeared together on Donahue for a gay couples show too.
    How was also linked to legend Tom Chase. Apparently, Tom was struck with Joe in “Crusin: Men on the Make(’88). When Tom came to L.A. from Texas, they met and moved in together. They jointly owned a gym/personal trainer biz together for about a year and split. Tom eventually moved back to Texas where he is still a personal trainer. He had a great cover/article in Bear Summer ’10. Totally a hairy bear now…Grrr! At this same time, Justin was with All Parker.

    After porn, Joe was a personal trainer/kickboxer/ martial arts trainer in L.A. for over 30 years. Apparently there was some immigration issues, so he moved back to New Brunswick where he started and is still training people in the Quispanisis (sp?) area today.

    Justin worked ’83-’95 and only did about 12 films. He was most noted for his work and involvement with legend Al Parker.

    Al ( Andrew Okun, ’52-92, AIDS) along with his lover Steve Scott( Richard Cole, d.’86 AIDS) created Surge Studios to cash in on their fame. They had an open relationship and BB with everyone on film and in private. When Steve died, All was devastated. He took up with Justin as they had worked together for years. Justin always used condoms on film and in private. He would rail at All for BB as self destructive behavior and they. broke up over it within a year. However, they did make a safe sex film together, one of the first that made safe sex sexy, “Turbocharge”(’88). All bad condoms and Al even Saran Wrapped Justin’s ass before plowing in!
    Justin lives quietly for many years in now in Jacksonville Florida. He doesn’t deny his past, but he has other interests and likes his privacy.

    Also, at that time at Surge Studios, Mike Davis( Winn Strickland) was a regular. Mike was a carpenter by trade and got into the biz while working at a porn director’s house. They met while he was at Colt. All three were BBing each other while Mike built sets for Surge. Eventually, all had AIDS. All and Scott would take care of Mike when he became too sick to work till he died in ’86. Both All and Mike made a great film together “Timberwolves” along the same lines as the new Falcon film.
    So there it is…both alive and happy.

  4. Many muscle bear porn stars continue in personal training post porn:
    Tom Chase is a personal trainer in his home town of Dallas. If you Google: ” Tom Moore personal trainer Dallas” you’ll see a small pic of him a bit grayer.
    Caesar bought a house in Vegas and runs a site that never seems to get completed: with some pics and an email contact. He had a great cover/article in Bear Fall’10 just after Tom Chase’s Bear cover Summer ’10.
    Zak Spears sometimes tends bar at the Faultline in L.A. He also is a private personal trainer. He has a site, but it’s not in my phone directory. He has 2 great chows too that he loves..Basia & Baloo…Woof to all!

  5. Whether they were brothers or cousins, we know what was going on in the woodshed….lucky fucers, and two of my long time faves. HOT vintage shots!

  6. Gone are the days when porn men looked like REAL men, and not something all made up. Vintage porn has always been able to get me aroused. They rarely looked in the camera and really looked like they were really enjoying the play they were doing. Take a lesson you new porn stars!

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