Nathan Price Has Passed Away.


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From Alpha Males:

Nathan Price, our first ever exclusive at sadly passed away in the early hours of Monday 2nd July 2012.

Even though Nathan had starred in many scenes for over the past years it was only last month that Trojan Rock had signed him as “exclusive” to the studio.

Jack Jones, Director says ” He was always the life and soul of a shoot. Making wise cracks throughout, and making it a delight to work even in difficult circumstances. He was a star performer”.

Trojan adds: He will be missed by us all at We have lost a dear friend. But as his family agree, he lived as he wanted, so we should remember his happiness and the smiles he gave to all of us.”

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Our thoughts are with his family, friends, colleagues and fans.

Nathan Price was a very friendly guy from the UK and has worked for a lot of studios over the past years, including Alpha Males, Butch Dixon, UK Naked Men and Men At Play.

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  1. What is it with gay porn actors “passing away peacefully in their sleep”..?? Seems to be an epidemic.

  2. Do you really have to ask what Circumstances caused his Death? The usual, as Usual; Drugs, Booze, Party-Hearty, Non-Stop Sex, Suicide by accident or choice…take your pick, or add your own. Not much of a loss, as there’s another Wasted & Useless life ready to fill his void. As far as sheding a tear for him, Ill save mine for someone who actually contributed something meaningful & useful to Humanity or Society, other than a Masturbation Fantasy. Or for someone worthy of Legitmate sadness at their loss, like a child, drunk driving victim, etc. I Don’t think I’ll renew my membership on this site. Anyone who would cry over a porn stars death, isn’t worth meeting 🙁

  3. 62IJ, you might wanna have your only public picture on your profile not be stolen from the widely circulated part of the internet before being frequently negative 😛

  4. Does Maculine have a new account?

    Sad to hear. Any death is a sad one. I wish him and his family peace.

  5. That’s another reason I don’t like about this site, and why I only post my one pic, because it has already been stolen, but thanks for letting me know. At least I have a pic, obviously, that is worth Stealing it seems, unlike others on here 🙁
    I’ve never replied to any of these daily squirt postings before, and have just looked in silence like hundreds of other guys, but it seems the death of a porn star(????) is Earth Moving news somehow, and we should all go Lady Diana over it. Now that is SAD. I have more than a few chat buds on this site, and NOT ONE of them could care less, and also find it more than Repulsive, that (other than his family or personal friends) guys who wouldn’t want their family or co-workers knowing they watch porn videos to get off, are the ones Wailing the Loudest on here. That Silence you hear on here from the thousands of members is deafening, and it means WE DON’T CARE. Now you know.

  6. Who said anything about going Lady Diana over it? I haven’t seen a single post here that screams of “tearing out hair, ripping up ones’ clothes in grief, and crying in a powerful moved voice until the ability to speak leaves one’s throat”

    We’re sad that a HUMAN BEING has died, regardless of his career choice.Some people might be sadder, but they have reasons (I’ve been sad to hear some porn actors died, because it was their videos that helped me to understand that I was gay).

    You want to talk about SAD? Or wailing/ being loud? How about the person who condemns, de-humanises, and considers anyone who even dips their toe in the porn profession worthless, and not worth the effort of mourning? If you ask me, that sounds like quite a worthless set of qualities.

  7. I agree with AYA totally. Being that negatively judgemental about anyone you don’t know is absolutely uncalled for. So, losing you and your raving on this site is not going to cause anyone to go LADY DIANA either. That man was a human being, a life and a soul. He had a family and friends, he will be missed. As you would be if you passed away. End of my rant.

  8. Thanks, Aya. You beat me to it. Well said. Sorry you had to be the one taking the hit this time.

    Nice, too, to see that the “Champions of Porn Performers Beyond the Camera” Club numbers at least two.

  9. the last few comments are so true…the point is that someone died and we feel for that individual that passed…who cares about what he did for a living..his family & friends are grieving b/c they lost someone that they loved so for u “62IJIKIHS” to come on here with ur cold nasty unnecessary bullshit comments just says a lot about ur judgmental character.. u don’t even know the man to be passing judgement on him; we can all call u a coward that lives behind the PC that wont show his face, right?? that makes us just as wrong for judging u when we dont know u…BUT at least in that situation we are not wrong for calling u a judgmental faceless coward b/c that is exactly what u have displayed to us!!!!
    For all u know he could have died from natural causes mate…so u might want to slow ur roll a bit yer, u right cunt!!!!

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