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Quinn Jaxon, one of Andrew Christian’s sexy underwear models, loves his body.

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“I work out a lot,” he says. “So, you learn to appreciate yourself more when you actually have to work for it.”
Jaxon isn’t the only one who loves his body. Legions of gay men follow him online and go to watch him dance at gay clubs.

“It’s fun. I mean, I get paid to party,” he says.

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In the video, Jaxon, who was in Toronto recently, gets naked and tries on a few pairs of underwear. And he addresses those pesky rumours that he’s straight.

To win a pair of the white underwear that Jaxon wears in this video (see above pic), re-tweet this story or share on Facebook. For more information go to Xtra’s Facebook site. A winner will be randomly chosen on March 1.

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  1. Hot as fuck but should definitely keep his mouth shut and that laugh is as annoying as me complaining about it

  2. I hate to disappoint all the doubters, but Quinn IS straight. He announced his engagement to his girlfriend a couple of months ago on his Facebook fan page and has said in many interviews that he loves his gay fans and has no issues with the gay underwear models he works with in his work with Andrew Christian. He’s straight, but nowhere near narrow, as evidenced by the videos he’s done with AC and various photoshoots. But yes…he is straight. 🙂


  3. Who cares if this super sexy guy is straight. It’s not as if anyone here would get any closer to him than these pics even if he was gay! I glad he likes showing off!

  4. The world is full of handsome men, why do you need to seek out those who seek, AND FAIL, to improve on what nature designed? Hideous; do these people assume that willful disfigurement doesn’t matter because they expect to die young?

  5. Oops! My computer does corrective typing and changed Jaxon to Jason for his name…I didn’t catch it…my bad.

  6. He is very cute and I appreciate how hot he is even if he is straight. I still prefer gay guys that do videos and dance/model. Thanks for showing us this fun set of photos.

  7. I won’t get into the whole straight/gay thing….

    But “I Work out a lot”?

    Being a cardio bunny doesn’t count as working out, Quinn….

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