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Hey guys… SGT. COACH here. This is just my “once in a while” post asking DAILY SQUIRT followers what they’d like to see more of and less of on DAILY SQUIRT. Just tell me in the comments section so I can gauge what to post. I do listen (no more “Where The Bears Are”) but I also can be a little forgetful too. You can totally be honest but there’s truly no need to be nasty about it. Ha!!!

Sound off dudes.


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  1. Well, what is missing from your samples? CUM. Not too excited by GIFs – they just make me nervous. But hot cum flowing from mouths, cocks and asses, etc. That’s what we need.

  2. For the most part I have no problem w the current content. I know we all have different tastes so you cant make everyone happy with each and every posting. If I was to make suggestions I wold like to see content that isn’t available in other places such as viewer and member videos or pics. More amateur models and up and comers that we may not have heard of before.

  3. Keep doing what you are doing. You are not going to please everyone all the time, so just keep the variety that you provide on this site. I do love flaccid shots of hairy men……I know people want to see erect cum shots, but soft men after cum is my preference. Some they want them bald from face to toe, but those are the ones I pass on, and never comment (just not my taste). Keep up the good work!! and thank you!!

  4. More: hairy guys, foreskins, hairy asses and holes, hairy pits, full pubes, balls

    Less: tattoos, bare-backing, body jewelry

  5. Less gifs and more where the bears are and more everyday “average guys”…..never gonna make everyone happy…but I’m generally pleased with the wide variety of things that you show. Keep up the good work, Sgt. Coach!!

  6. Please continue with what you’re doing. It’s a great mix of sexy men and my favorites are all those beautiful asses. I can pass on the Where the Bears Are.

  7. 1. Armpits, armpits and more hairy armpits

    2. Father and Son, Nephew and Uncles, Teacher and Student (Old and Young couples) having hot sex

    3. Construction workers, there’s something SEXY & HOT about them

    4. Double penetration, that’s my ultimate fantasy

    5. And of course, more of your HOT GIFs, I always look forward seeing them in the Daily Squirt Blog

    Hope you can accommodate my request, thanks in advance Sgt. Coach

  8. Don’t like implied violence, such as the gun. Dressed hunks (#39) are cool. But, in general, the variety is way cool.

  9. I have to say I appreciate the variety that you post, you’re doing a great job! Would love to see more rugged guys in tight gear if you happen to find them 😉 Hell forget posting the pics and just send them to me!

  10. if its possible it would be cool when you show the vintage pics to update us on the status of the models, where they are and what they are doing, and unfortunately I know many of them have died from aids or other things but even those facts would be informative.

  11. More Latinos, jail cells, construction workers, frottage, wrestlers, military and bunking cowboys; I love everything that you do, Sgt. Coach!

  12. Geez, if I comment now, it’s not gunna read well. But here goes, less red heads, less uncut. Not a fan of Gifs, I skip those. They don’t do a thing for me. I’d like to see more guys in their 30s/40s. I’d like to see exclusive interviews with some of the more popular guys, Landon, Tanner, Tommy, etc….assuming it’s possible. Maybe some contests once in awhile.

    And lastly, I’d like to actually see the man behind the name.

  13. Hey Sarge,

    If you can deliver 7, 19 & 33 to my bedroom, that would do the job! Seriously, I appreciate the GIFs! And, I enjoy the uncut guys: not uncut myself, I guess there’s a thrill with what I don’t have. All in all, you’re doing a great job!

  14. Hi Sarge,
    You can never please all the people all the time. But you are pleasing me 97% of the time, so please keep on doing what you’re doing! And if that includes a lot of uncut, muscly, bearded, hairy, smooth, handsome boys and men then I shall be more than satisfied.

  15. Hi Sarge,
    of these pics I particularly like 4, 8, 9, 21…
    How about more Black and white inter-racial, sometimes more of the unexpected.. so things like a smaller hot furry guy topping a Bigger, big dicked guy… mixes of cut and uncut dicks, CUM shots, cum eating, Rimming, Maverick Men, watersports,

  16. A great collection of men in all types showing off there assets. I like more of shots of jockstraps, uncut cocks in to docking.

  17. No, you won’t please all the people all the time.
    My preferences:
    Smilers rather than sourpusses
    Younger rather than older
    Muscles rather than skinny
    Fewer tattoos – ideally none at all.

    A nice mix of vanilla and kink, some cum facials, a few vintage photos, a few good interesting artwork pieces – and occasionally some humour: I didn’t mind ‘Where the Bears Are’ although I can see it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

  18. More please of 10, 15, 16, 23-27 and 39.
    Less hairy holes.
    Overall – just keep up plenty of variety, its appreciated.

  19. Anything…but…dump the comments section altogether. Nobody really cares what I think, and I really don’t give a damn what everyone else thinks…plus…it gets nasty sometimes!! Nobody needs that!!

  20. Variety is the spice of life. We all have our favourites and I believe you cover a lot of bases. Regular dudes seem to be most popular and appreciated. Comments section, I agree it is an unnecessary quirk unless you’re looking for feedback. thanks

  21. More of what you just posed today. I love natural looking men with hairy everything being used by more hairy men.

  22. We all have our own tastes, but:


    And Father/Son with maybe some real incest, if you can find it.

  23. You’re doin’ just great with the guys you’re showin’, enuf variety for everyone. I’d like to see more hairy armpits and armpit worshippers- sweaty armpits being sucked dry- but I doubt there will be many others here who would agree… and that’s fine. (Oh, and keep the tats and beards cummin for those of us that fantasize about being in the middle of a biker gang(-bang)

  24. This selection pleased me very much because for the most part they were natural, not posed. In frontal nude poses I like to see bush, bush and lots of bush A few gifs sprinkled in like the one in 19. In duo shots I like one guy to be dressed as in 14 and 33. Guys wearing tight jeans, no shirts get me hard. I really like 32 and the guy in 38 really 38 sends me. Vintage also because they are natural. In the videos verbal is nice. Keep the comments.

  25. All in all, I think you do a great job of bringing us a great variety of photos, gifs, vintage, of different types of guys, ages, build, hair or no hair, older or twinks—as others as said—no matter what you do—you will make some happy, others pissed off—there is clearly no pleasing everyone or anyone.

    For me—I would like to see more mature men, less twinks, less guys all tatted up and such–but that is me.

    I like the giff collections and say, keep them coming.

    All things considered—-I really don’t know if you really need to change things up all that much.

    I do like it too when you bring the “artistic” stuff to the page too, along with those periodic pieces about health issues and such. Some may not like that kind of thing—but we do need to be reminded that there are plenty of possible negative things out there that can befall us if we don’t “play safe.”

    I also think that the artistic stuff is cool, even when it can be “odd” but that is what people are doing and its interesting to see.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for having this page.

  26. The members who are saying just keep it like it is would .. if you’re into hairy everything you would be happy way things are going cos ya get more than enough of that type of guy on the posts .. id like to see more smooth next door guys, slim build like the guy in pic 39 more cute guys 19-25yrs .. instead of vintage lets see some up and coming models .. more models like Bel Ami .. all smooth, young,hung, and full of cum 🙂

  27. I think you do a good job. I never get bored looking and there’s a regular rotation of something for everyone. So what if today you didn’t post something that was “my taste”. It isn’t about ME! It’s about our community of members. I really really dislike seeing people criticize any photos of any models and the choices they’ve made to look the way they do, or the choices that Nature made for them that have them look the way they do. If you haven’t got something nice to say, then keep a negative opinion to yourself. Opinions are usually ugly and everybody has one. There’s way way too much hate and negativity in this world already. See beauty in as much as you can.

  28. I would love to see more sexy persons with disabilities. I would love to work with Squirt to make that a reality. We should chat.

  29. i think you basically do a good job…my preference is hairy, masculine, obviously old enough types…i know there’s a lot of guys who like twinks, but they make me nervous when i find myself questioning whether or not they’re legal…i like the gifs, but they take too long to load…i agree with some of the others that the artistic stuff is interesting, and wish there was a little more of it…maybe a weekly feature?…otherwise, you seem to have something for everyone here…keep the comments…

  30. More: redheads, bubble butts, handsome men, variety to keep everyone happy
    Less (just my personal preferences): hairy bum holes, barebacking
    No: rape “scenarios”

  31. I think that you are doing a great job. I love the “real” guys. This particular lot are hot. The GIFs are good too…thanks

  32. I think that variety is the key here.
    And Coach– you have done a great job at that.
    I like men to look a little less “studio created”
    men with an “edge” on ’em. Young or old.
    Hairy butts drive me nuts.
    GIFS too.
    I think you are doing an EXCELLENT job.

  33. Keep things as they are, as you can’t please everyone (and you do a fine job of pleasing most everyone — which is something to be proud of with this crowd.

    Makes me smile. When I was much younger, any picture of any man in anything less than underwear was a real, rare treat — and we LOVED it. Now we’re spoiled, and there’s so much variety we can’t be satisfied. Sort of like a restaurant — the longer and more varied the menu, the more we can’t decide what to eat.

    All that said, more vids and photo series that take us through — not just up to — climaxing cumshots would be a welcome change. Oh yeah — I guess you can’t do that — it’s called “marketing — why buy the product if you can get the highlights for free?

  34. Hey Coach, I’m a great admirer of your work. I look forward to your postings everytime I log on to Squirt. I like hairy guys, but I love the shaved bodies more. I long for the days of the Ryan Idol’s and the Mike Branson’s of gay ’90’s.
    What would I like to see more of? GIF’s. We all love images of hot men, but putting the image in motion is so fucking hot! The best GIF you posted was Ben Godfre shooting his load! YUM!
    So, carry on doing what you do best, and know I am your #1 fan.

  35. Coach, man you have your hands full and not of cock and balls. 🙂 All of the above captures it all, great comments men,I love what you give us and all I can say is keep it cumming. Great job man.

  36. like to see bottoms getting fucked….and cumming while they get fucked…then …tops cumming on them …and both licking it up ….

  37. As it has been repeated can’t please everyone but from thee collection; action, scenes, types, shots, scenarios as number’s: 5*, 6, 8*, 9, 10, 11*, 15**, 17, 19**, 20, 21*, 22*, 23*, 25*, 26, 27*, 28, 31*, 36, 39. If I had to narrow it down it was from 40 and yes couple did get get rated more then some. No worried though Coach, definately one of the better sites around. Keep us up!

  38. Enjoy your site. I like em hairy, older, uncut. Not into smooth, twinks, tats. If they are not my taste, I just pass them by and keep looking.

  39. Happy with most posts , especially uncut, redheads, muscle, jockstraps, cumming n post cum shots, yum! oh and when are you gonna do a photospread boss I wanna rub outa load over n for YOU!!!!!!!

  40. You do a fine job of trying to give a huge variety of guys something to keep them happy n aroused.

    My personal tastes are for less “staged” photos – I prefer pix taken from a real fucking session where the guys were told “Just get it on and the cameras will roll.”

    For the twink pix, BelAmi is one of the best sites.

    Longer film clips would be great.

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