SHALL WE COMPARE? What You Got To Turn You On In The ’50’s… And What We Get NOW!


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Sexy Straight Guy Nick Cheney Solo. Nick is a bit of an exhibitionist, and he loves to get his kit off. He has a hot body to share too, so we definitely don’€™t mind! He’€™s making the transition from erotic performance to porn, and although he’€™s straight he has no problem stroking his uncut 8? cock for the boys out there. Will he be back for more? You’€™ll have to wait and see!

The Cyclist by phheww
Vintage short from Apollo Films: a ride on a motorcycle, a splash in the lake, but it all comes to naught. Music track, no synched sound.

Two hard-working Latino cowboy studs have been out on the trail for weeks. Matheus just arrives back at camp to his horny partner and the two cowboys release their horny passions on each other as cock sucking, rimming, and bareback fucking ensues.

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Always Obtainable by phheww
(c)1954, with sound; “Now turn around and do something different.”

Marc was practically begging to get fucked and Kyree Richards had no problems fulfilling his request.

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Pose Please by phheww
With Glenn Bishop. Low quality, no sound.

A Hard Top And A Tight Bottom. Marcus Mojo and Colby Bonds are a perfect fit! Marcus’ rock hard dick fits perfectly inside Colby’s tight young boyhole! Muscle boy Marcus tosses Colby on to his back and fucks the cum right out of his cock! Finally, Colby is transformed into complete ecstasy when Marcus sprays his hot cream load on his face.

A Late Night Visitor by phheww
AMG vintage short film, with Howard Heidtmann, Bob Baker, and Tony Jost

Jalil and Donato have an open relationship, which they enjoy by playing fun sex games! Meanwhile in the forest, Abel and Robin are attracted to a mysterious stranger, and they decide to track him down in order to have their way with him! Sands of Time: Nicolas is an ex boxer involved in dirty business.

Hawksley & Hadnagy wrestle by phheww
Don (Donald) Hawksley and John (Janos) Hadnagy shake hands, wrestle in posing straps. No sound, some poor synching of frames.

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  1. This is all we had in those days and were glad to see and have it. anybody else agree or not? Those days and mags were hot.

  2. I remember as a young teen, staring into the window of a magazine store that mags of muscle men in string-pouches and fantasizings about what was undercover.

  3. What made these retro films so exciting at the time was their rarity.
    Before VCR there was no convenient way to watch porn and get your fill to the point of desensitization. In that drought, whatever we could find was instantly exciting and valued. Today, how man pics do we look at without single stirring in the balls?

  4. My first gay male porn star was Jack Wrangler. It’s heartwarming to have lived long to see the positive changes.

  5. In those days all the porn was sold under the counter and cost the earth to buy, unlike today where you can get it for free on the internet.

    I use to perform in porn films / magazines in the early 70s and you got a decent fee for performing/modeling as guys were scared to do it, again unlike today where i think the fee from some film makers only give you around £200 for the cum shot.

    I remember the great late Bryan Derbyshire who I worked for often,and posed for his MCM magazines often and i think we had it far better in those days then it is in 2013, as now its to available and the excitement isnt like it was in the 50/60 & early 70’s

  6. very true it was much more exciting when it was difficult to find , you had to make an effort , not just sit in front of a screen like today…

  7. “Back in the day” coming into contact with — and enjoying — gay porn was such a significant, memorable occurrence that it truly was part of our growing up (and “out”). I often wonder how today’s young gay men regard porn — it certainly isn’t as “rare” as it used to be — is it even part of the maturing sexual experience at all anymore — beyond those first few “jolts” on the Internet?

    Gay men of a certain age remember where they were and what they were doing when the first issue of Playgirl came out. Today, people don’t even read magazines anymore (for the most part). Times have indeed changed — but have we?

  8. Marc and Kyree were the hotest. Love to see a hot ass moving in and out with a deep hot fuck. Can feel the load cum now.

  9. Back in the day, Bob Mizer of AMG, would sometimes dig out old films from his archives to entertain us after dinner. Even he would chuckle about how bad some were. The film, “The Night Visitor” above, showed goofy production values worthy of Ed This was shot on one of his outdoor sets at his compound. Notice the brighter than daylight room lighting for a late night bedroom scene where all the shadow angles reflect that 10am to high noon filming time…and how they change back and forth in the same scene! How the walls jiggle when the guy thumbtacks the photos, the endless breeze, the bad lighting again as the guy climbs in the window. Bob was born in 1922, during the silent film era, so you can see this influence in the anachronistic night shirt and cap and the overacting with the pingpong paddle…just pure camp. Yet, films like these were all that were available to gays that wanted to see other guys (near)naked. Notice the posing straps, even early porn like this didn’t dare cross the line of total nudity. Bob founded AMG in 1945 and would be sentenced to a year in a California prison for mailing some stills of guys in straps like you see in this film…that was considered obscene. Bob always liked soft porn, he never did any nudes till after his mother Delia died and finally had to do hard porn in his final years, against his own wishes, to financially survive as beefcake was long dead. These early films and 8mm loops were very expensive and highly dangerous politically, legally, etc. to the maker. They would sell for $10-$20 in the back of early beefcake magazines when hourly wages were $1.25-$1.50/ hour.
    Yet fortunes could be made if you took the risk. One of Bob’s subjects, John Travis, did some stills/movies for Bob and got the film bug before moving to San Francisco. There he would work for a theater owner and learned the craft. He started making his own loops and started Telstar to produce them and sold them through mail order. He liked to meet his customers and started a casual friendship with Chuck Holmes. Chuck was sent to SF to sell prefab houses. When that failed and went out of business, he bought a batch of John’s loops to sell himself till the prefab market recovered. John was worried about the cost and legal issues of selling these through the mail, decided to sell out Telstar and found a willing buyer in Chuck. The prefab business never returned so that formed the basis of early Falcon Studios. When that took off, Chuck hired John Travis to come work for him for the next 10 years. John would direct/produce about 40% of all Falcon’s work during this time. He also discovered Jeff Stryker, would come his lover for several years and directed virtually all his films. So these short films/loops were the start of the personal porn business we know today.

  10. Hey behairy, have you written a book on film porn over the last fifty years? If not you should. It’s a sub-genre which merits examination – if just to show how unbelievably attitudes have changed. In passing may I add that this was a really fascinating collection

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