Silicone Or Water – Which Lube Should I Use?


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Lube. Regardless of if you’re planning on taking multiple fists in a night or just wanking solo, you need it. It’s important – but when it comes down to it, do you know when you should use silicone or water-based lubes? And is there anything else out there that might be more appropriate? Well, we’ve got you covered (metaphorically), so you can get covered (physically) in confidence.

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What is water-based lube?

Water-based lube is thinner than others on the market. It’s runny, easy to apply and control, and generally less messy overall. Fear not, though. If things do get messy, water-based lube won’t stain your bedsheets in a way that other lubes can.

These lubes are cheap and easy to find. Anywhere that sells lube will provide a water-based option, while other more specialist lubes may vary.

Generally, water-based lube is a jack of all trades. Technically, it can be used in any scenario, but it is not necessarily the best at any. The keyword here is versatility.

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While water-based lubes tend to be cheaper, they also don’t last as long as other lubes during play. Make sure to reapply regularly, or things will get uncomfortable; especially when using a large dildo for solo or couple play.

large silicone dildos from twisted beast arranged in a row by sizing and girth palced against a black backdrop

One thing to keep an eye out for is glycerin in water-based lubes. This can, on the odd occasion, lead to yeast infections when being used for anal. Yes, that’s right, yeast infections can happen even further south, causing itching, redness and soreness.

What is silicone lube?

Silicone Lube is a thicker, more viscous lube made from silicone oil. The most important thing to know about this type of lube is that it’s thick, slippery and doesn’t dry out anywhere near as fast as water-based lubes. If you’re planning a harder, longer session, consider using silicone lube over water-based.

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Something that doesn’t get talked about often enough is silicone lube’s water-proof nature. While yes, this means you can use it in the shower without worrying about it washing away, more importantly, it also means it’s useful if you’re planning some pissplay.

A warning about silicone lube: It stains. Do not get silicone lube on your sheets, clothes, or carpet. Put down some sheets or a towel that you don’t mind getting a few messes on; or if you have a trick (or few) coming over, avoid the expensive, high thread count and opt to bang on a designated pair of “sex sheets” where silicone lube, jizz and sweat can happen without thinking about the wash cycle later.

What is cum lube?

Now, here’s where things get interesting. Cum lube is a special version of a water-based lube that’s been treated to look, feel and act like the real thing. It’s stringy and sticky and, most importantly, non-toxic. That means yes, you’re perfectly good to ingest some cum lube, should the urge develop.

Like all water-based lubes, cum lube won’t stain – one less thing to worry about!

Yes, fake cum lube is maybe the advancement of technology we’ve been searching for in sex; lube that doesn’t stain, lasts long and tastes (as much as possible) just like the real thing.

twisted beast brand ;ube bottled aligned together on black backdrop showing silicon lube, water based lube and baton series lube plus fisting lube

What’s the best gay lube for wanking?

When it comes to wanking, the simple answer is whatever’s closest. Though, we should probably delve a bit deeper into this. Between all the lubes listed above, silicone lube will need less reapplying.

That said, if you’re also planning on oral, water-based or cum lube would be preferable; especially as cum will have a much more, ahem, organic taste compared to the other two.

What is the best gay lube for cut cocks?

Made for cut-penises and those of you edging your afternoons away, Bator Lube reduces friction and improves glide. Made primarily of petrolatum, the main idea of Bator lube is to make masturbating as easy as it should be without leaving you with any discomfort or friction sores afterward.

While cut-penises will benefit a lot from Bator lubes, uncut guys can use Bator lube just as much to reduce friction as well.

This oil-based lube is for the edging gooners who want to rub out longer than a quick jerk while browsing the porn bookmarks; play for longer, rub faster without feeling the literal burn of playing with your self-dry rub for too long. If you’re gonna get friction injuries, avoid doing it solo!

What’s the best lube for gay fisting play?

Let’s move on to fisting. Something like fisting requires some serious, purpose-made lube. Water-based lubes aren’t recommended purely due to the sheer amount of reapplying that will be needed. While silicone lube can be used in a pinch, we’d recommend something similar to J-lube or Xlube; these types of lubes come in a powder that you make yourself at home. Instructions are included and are relatively easy to follow, but a single bottle can make over 20 liters of lube, making it incredibly economical and allowing you to be very liberal with how much you use.

Fisting lubes are durable and sticky. While you’ll still need to reapply, you won’t need to nearly as often as any of the lubes above. These also work partially well with XL fantasy dildos, as these large, fantastical, drool-worthy sizes mean you may need more than spit and courage in the lube department.

What lube should I use for gay sex toys?

Water-based lubes are perfectly good for use in any gay sex toy session play. The issue you may run into is that you’ll constantly need to reapply throughout your session. As long as you bear that in mind, you’ll be good to go.

The fisting lubes we mentioned above, J-lube and Xlube, are ideal for toys, especially big toys, but do require prep to make and are generally more messy. For smaller toys, we’d recommend simple water-based, but consider upgrading the lube type for larger toys meant to stretch that hole and show a little rosebud, Mr. Kane!

Silicone lubes will dry out much slower and need significantly less re-applying than water-based lubes, so depending on your toy, it may be the best choice. Any toy made of a hard material, e.g. glass, is a good candidate for silicone lubes.

However, be careful with any toys made from silicone themselves. While some silicone toys are developed to avoid this, most can have a melting reaction when exposed to silicone lube that will ruin your toy. Check the product page for your toy – they should let you know if it is or isn’t ok.

Similarly to the above, Bator lubes may cause a melting reaction, so it’s best to avoid it with toys. Bator is meant for long gay solo play sessions where it’s a hot date or with just you and your hand for the best results.

And there you have it. Go out into the world and bate, fuck and fist as much as your heart desires, knowing you can make educated decisions on what the best lube for the occasion is.

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