Squirt Member FRANX suggests watching LOGAN MCCREE ON EDGE (click the pic of Logan and watch)


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Thanks FRANX… this is one HOT video!

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  1. I don’t think this is so bad. I have seen worse things. It ia a BJ with some added features that you might not expect in this scenario.

  2. Bound & Gagged is so fetish based though. It’s left of centre. I love the fact that a German guy has a name like Logan Reed… why not Gunther Thomann or something slightly more Deutsch sounding? The tattoos have ruined his looks… it’s so common now that all men with all-over body tattoos are starting to look identical to each other. And common.

    What I am impressed with in this clip is that all the guys appear to be similar ages and really into each other on camera. It’s not sexually appealing to me but it is a fantastic video – production values wise.

  3. Wouldn’t it have been funny, that while he was bound and blindfolded that they got someone really ugly to suck him off.
    Like lurker86

  4. Logan MCree does it for me , i had precum dripping from me watching this. Ive never been into Tatts, but i sure as hell am now. He is HOT HOT HOT.

  5. I find Logan very, very attractive, but bondage isn’t my thing so it didn’t do much for me. But, hey, each to their own. Cheers.

  6. know what the majority or saying about the ink would look better wiv out but heyy his choice .. still loved to be on my knees sucking him off tho wouldn’t of put me off

  7. I’m glad some of you enjoyed it! I’m not into the whole tying up myself but he is incredibly hot and the whole thing got me riveted from start to finish. If it’s not your cup of tea or the Logan is too tattooed for you, then don’t watch it! To each their own.

  8. logan is far from straight. He appeared in IML several years ago and altought that is not a gay only event, he was certainly enjoying the boys so bisexual is possible I suspose but I think he is more gay then anything.
    Hot and very much a real guy, no crazy shit.
    Would be happy to see him again any time.

  9. That is one of the hottest videos, with one of the most handsome and sexy men that I’ve ever seen! The setup seemed quite genuine – he really didn’t know what was going to be done to him, and the ruined orgasms and subsequent dickhead polishing made him shout and squirm very satisfactorily. Some of the SM aspects weren’t to my taste (and some not to his taste) but the whole thing is very hot. My only regret:- that I wasn’t there to catch his spunk in my mouth as he came …

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