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Last weekend we sent a fleet of Squirt SEaMEN out to join the Toronto Pride Parade. There was a whole mix of fellows… big muscle men, sly little twinks, delicious dudes and sexy studs. They ran around the streets, rode the subway and let people touch their fine tight bods. They even shot loads (of water) with their giant super soaker guns at the adoring crowds. The dude above was Sgt. Coach’s fave. He was a very friendly young fellow… very funny and hot as hell. Really wanted to get in those tight black shorts of his. He had a perfect little bubble butt that drove me fucking crazy (sadly no good shots of it here). Now, I demand you to check out these sweet pics of the SEaMEN spilling out into the streets of the T- DOT! Tell me what you think of them. Which SEaMAN would you want to kiss, rim, suck or fuck? 😉


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SEaMEN on the Toronto Subway… spreading the love!

Love a man who works his bag!

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Two to tango!

See your favorite?

Mr. Peace Sign on the far left is MINE! Don’t you forget it.

Here’s SGT. COACH’s fave dude again… so sweet.

BTW… he’s Irish. That is all. I’d soooooo hit it.

Is he man enough for you?


A lucky lady gets to touch and smell a true SEaMan!

Strong Boys!

The seduction of bum.

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  1. hole shit some delicious specimins!

    The last picture kind of made me laugh. A hot bum, and a flat bum all in one shot.

  2. I hope the guy in the last pic (near the bike) doesn’t even think of wearing those tight little black shorts. Of course, with that body, I’m wondering why he’s wearing the studded jockstrap.

    And in photo No. 2, which one’s Sgt. Coach and which one’s Ed? Unless, of course, they’re one and the same.

  3. Maybe I shouldn’t be so critical, but come on Sgt.did you pay for these guys?…lot of hotter guys on Squirt..hell give me a pair of those black shorts & I would have done it for free!

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