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  1. Well if he could take a big dick at the same time as being under water without moaning and trying not to enjoy it with out drowning, it’s a “YEY” for me.

  2. Love the bottoms up ‘shot’!! That puppy is just begging for a fat cock to ‘test the water’ so to speak!!

  3. The temps in lakes, pools and rivers tend to shrivel my timber too much. Maybe a hot tub would work better. In which case it would be year round sport!

  4. It’s a yes from me, would love to plug his hairy hole with my cock, just to make sure he doesn,t sink and drown in all that water.

  5. YAY, for me, it so fun to do it in the water, no clean-up needed afterwards, the water does it for you.

  6. If you do it in the tropical sea then watch your cum spurt out underwater its amazing as it floats away….

  7. This Summer will be very hot so the men must to be naked to swimming in the lake or beach or swimming pool and they will enjoy in the water to show the men to know that the men are hot sex.

  8. I’ve was fucked by 2 HUNG uncut Dutch guys in a pool in Palm Springs,Ca. It was HOT,HOT,HOT…,it’s a BIG…YAY for me..

  9. Sex in the water (shower, tub, pool, river, lake, ocean) sometimes looks hot but it’s not. Turns out to be very distracting and the water is rarely warm enough to maintain… um… desire. Now, sex on the beach is always hot; or on the pool deck; or in the bedroom adjacent to the shower & tub; or in an outdoor lounge chair, a cabana.. lots and lots of places without resorting to water. I wanna wash off with water, but I want to enjoy him without wrinkled fingers, balls and toes.

  10. the coldness of the water would negate a quality erection…but sex in a hot shower? Now that’s something I want to try!

  11. When living in a place with a large spa at the end of the pool, often unexpected things popped up. On many occassions after a party when most had left I’d get in the spa naked. Started to get use to str8 mates and/or their mates joining me in there. The 1st time, while few others where just chilling over the other end of the yard, guy who’s gf had left with the car asked if alright if he could join me when he had bought me over a drink. Before answering he already had speedos off. The fact that he stated the spa jet he was sitting on felt great, that he wished his cock was cut like mine and would cumming in the spa cause any damage to it made me smile. Lets say Greg who I only just met that arvo came to a lot more gatherings – mostly without his gf who I worked with.

  12. Bit of a wet patch here remembering Greg’s ever so subtle line of “Is there a different way you wank as a cut guy than how I jack off my uncut cock?”
    Guess it a Yay. Then with a guy in the river one summer even though the water wasn’t that cold wasn’t as good. Though with the hot spray of water against your neck having fun in a shower can be awesum.

  13. I have been fucked in the water ( sea and pools ) and it was spectacular. The water splashing around and lubrigating the cocks to ram in. Oh yes in the water……

  14. Four of us were sitting in the hot tub when a blob of cum rose to the surface. So I said, “All right, who farted?” And that’s why I do not allow sex in my pool.

  15. DEPENDS… NOT if I had to use and / or swim in that Water after some Pigs had LITERALLY F*cked the Sh*t out of some guy, and I was picking the Steak Dinner out of my hair and mouth while in that Brown Water, besides trying to get the Cum, that had the form of Glue Balls, off my body, out of my eyes and mouth, all the while phoning the STD Clinic to set up an appointment to make sure I was’t infected with AIDS, or worse, from whatever Diseases were now Floating around in the water, and inside and outside my body 🙁 NAY = NO !!

  16. IN the water, yes … could be a pool or a hot tub or a whirlpool bath. Showers less so

  17. “The water splashing around and lubrigating the cocks to ram in.”

    Maybe it has to do with the chemicals added to pool water, but any experience I’ve had with water tends to feel more like the OPPOSITE of lubricant. More drying, and such.

    Can be hot when done right. I’d honestly be a little concerned about getting chlorine inside me – even worse stuff if the water hasn’t been properly filtered – or about getting a ‘pressure’ enema.

    Also, I know we’re supposed to hate Maculine because he has no compassion, and is a filthy hypocritical arsehole who probably enjoys K.K.K. mixers on the weekend, but that has to be the most hilarious thing I’ve read.

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