Tantric Anal/ Prostate Massage Or Bait Bus? What turns you on most?


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  1. Never knew what to make of baitbus.com but the scenes are always totally smokin’ so it can’t be staged. I’ll volunteer for a few scenes! 😛

  2. First vidoe BORING 2nd was hot. But they should have kept their promise to the mexican.

  3. Massage vid a bust for me. Bait bus action scenes are almost always hot, but the premise and the skaggy broad are always fast-forward territory. I may be wrong, but I believe the producer has to have written/signed release forms from each of the ‘actors’, so dumping the “fucker” in the boonies while the “fuckee” drives away laughing is totally bogus!

  4. ^It’s a bit obvious. I could understand if these were on Xtube, or an amateur site for free/’donation’. but since this is a ‘professional’ porn site that charges for viewership, it’d be impossible for them to have put up more than five videos without being sued/landed in jail.

    Just like Out In Public videos. It’s at least 70% staged, but it’s still hot and a good fantasy actualised.

  5. Is it just me, or does anyone else want to be best friends with the girl from the bait bus vid? she seems great, not even gonna lie

  6. I think the first video is maybe what John Travolta was really looking for when he went for a message.

  7. Love both – shouldn’t the question be “What turns you on more?” because this is only a comparative exercise. One would need to include something like a video me getting double-teamed by Jake Gyllenhaal and Daniel Craig to employ the superlative and then I know what the answer would be. Gosh, when did watching sucking dick become so complex?

  8. I wouldn’t really call that a “Prostate Massage”. I good “Tantric” prostate massage would show the recipient being milked of cum without an orgasm as his prostate is stroked.

  9. Bait bus is staged – the “straight” guy is indie gay porn star Jordano Santoro who I follow on Twitter. He actually tweeted about doing this scene while filming it.

  10. bait bus is staged for sure. another straight guy I saw is one of the stars on itsgonnahurt

  11. Butt rubbin dude was creepy.. and Baitbus is just way too fake.. so neither thanks.. Got any hot hairy blokes fucking the brains out of each other?

  12. Glad for the man go on the bus with the other man for the sex so the man has wear his condom to fuck him in the Bus then they cum together same times.they were safe sex was very good.The man need to be very calm and relax while the man suck his cock and he can fuck him more.he will be very happy all the times for the sex to be safe sex always.

  13. that tantric thing was totally laughable….. with the creepy narrator and the slimy Masseur. But bait bus, however fake, is luke warm …. if you fast forward through the endless intro and the premise…

  14. Even though it was long and a bit slow for sure—and there was no sort of “hardcore action”–that did not seem to be its intended purpose–if I had a regular partner and as someone who is interested in “spiritual things”–I might be interested in learning more about man to man, Tantric sex and as such I would like to give such a thing a try with a special person–so for that—I do have to vote for the first one even though I would produce such vids in an entirely different way because I do agree with the person above-the narrator was kind of creepy as was the masseur.

    In regards to the second video–since I used to live in Miami–I liked seeing real street shots of areas where I used to live and work—but the set up that you can just, off the street, find a “straight Hispanic dude in Miami” who wants to fuck and suck at the drop of a hat—-that is almost not realistic–but a nice fantasy—in reality if ya did that in Miami–there would be a big chance that there would report on the local TV stations about a film crew that was apparently shooting some sort of porn videos who were found shot dead in their van. I love Miami–but I was involved in “drug enforcement” on the federal level down there back in the 80s–we were the REAL MIAMI VICE and I know the reality of that city all too well!! Hate to rain on people’s parade—but got to call ’em as I see ’em!!

  15. Reading other responses above—I got to agree with another one-about the chick in the BaitBus vid—she was hot!! and yes–she seemed kind of a cool babe that would be great to have as someone to hang with!

  16. The fact that BaitBus is fake makes it even sexier — It would be pretty upsetting (and consequently wood-killing) if they really did “use” some straight dude, then literally fuck him over. That he’s in on the game takes that anxiety away, leaving only the hot sex. Besides, if the guy really were screwed out of his promised money and pussy, all he’d have to do is take down the license tag number of that van and call it in.

  17. I just appreciate that you posted a baitbus video so I could finally judge for myself without having to subscribe to a site without “getting a little hot dog weiner” to sample first ;P

  18. The bait bus vid is way more horny even tho its obviously fake. No straight guy would have such a clean ass!

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