Turkish Wresting REALLY Makes SGT. COACH HARD! (a few good pics & two videos)


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Am I the only one who fucking LOVES Turkish Wrestling/ wrestlers? Big brauny dudes all oiled up and getting into each other’s pants… FUCK YEAH!

What Is Turkish Wrestling?

Turkish oil wrestling is all about the leather britches.

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Improbably muscled Goliaths—don long, thick, black pants made of water-buffalo and cowhide. Then, they douse themselves in olive oil from head to toe and stride into a grassy gladiatorial arena.

Turkish wrestling has been staged for well over 650 years. To the uninitiated, it seems little more than an open field of oily mayhem. Not so to the appreciative crowd, which roars with excitement at sudden throws or clever holds— “belly sees the sky” being a particular winner—as executed by their oil-wrestling favorites.

“Oh my, I feel like I’ll die of my excitement… the sweat-stained grass smells of oil,” says the Kirkpinar anthem, sung in the procession to open the tournament. In the past, bouts between two men could last for hours and continue the next day.

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Read more of this story HERE @ The Wall Street Journal


bustour#4 – gladyatörs from markus dassel on Vimeo.

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  1. Never seen this before but it the horniest thing I’ve ever watched.
    I honestly creamed watching the second video.
    Hot Hot Hot!!!

  2. Years ago, a bar in St Petersburg, Fl had Turkish Wrestling videos mixed into the rotation of porn they would show. So hot!

  3. Man that is HOT, where do you join this team. Like haveing sex, and hundreds of people watching you. These guys and people probably hug
    all the time. Wish the rest of the world could be like that.

  4. OMG….so fucking hot, and then to see all those spectators taking in what looks like a bunch of hot turkish dudes, oiled up, grabbing each other in what could be the making of a hot orgy….mmm

  5. Six hundred years ago, they probably did this naked, like the equivalent “Roman wrestling.” Funny how this is acceptable, yet their women have to wear veils. Not that I’m complaining about guys getting oiled up and grabbing each others’ crotches and asses ….

  6. Trunza, I have no idea where did you get this information but Turkey is a secular and social state where all people enjoy equal rights, and public, private and religious freedoms are highly esteemed. Women do not have to wear veils or any other religious stuff. Though there are some women prefer to cover their hair, but it is all their own decision.In the 1930s, Turkey became one of the first countries in the world to give full political rights to women, including the right to elect and be elected locally (in 1930) and nationwide (in 1934). Furthermore A female prime minister ran the county between 1993-96. So please make comments based on facts not assumptions.

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