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  1. There’s such an over-abundance of perfection I totally forgot to notice his cock.

    Those traps…just heavenly.

  2. Wow! Beautiful black man, great cock and perfect nom de porn. There’s 2 J/O vids: Pornhub has a 10min one..looks like his first one and be is shy and awkward. Boyztube has 10min one with the Chinese background you see here..relaxed and sensuous. Unlike recent posts here, they’re long, FREE and not directing you to a PPV site. I guess LegendMen didn’t pay Squirt to have a link here.

  3. Black men are hot . Fit black men are even hotter . Black guys take their time in a session . They know how to suck cock the best . Damnn go black and you don’t go back .

  4. oh look, Lurker is whining yet again about someone commenting something truthful about him, and cuz Lurker is SUCH a baby to actually be a man about it (probably due to a pathetic childhood), he wants to SHARE it with other Squirters cuz apparently we give a flying fuck about his demented personal life…

    on other news, something worth of importance happened elsewhere on the globe..

  5. This guy is spectacular–I just hope he got that look by hard work, proper nutrition and such—not by fortifying with some form of ‘roids or other similar things.

  6. Dear Lurker,
    I stand by what I said and am delighted that henceforth you will make public my comments to you. Since we have both blocked each other however, they will be as rare as the men who both agree with your diatribes and wish to find out more about you. Sadly we already know to much. I hope you do manage to get over yourself one day!

  7. lurker: phresh-phreak, philchester, myself and others have every right to comment on what a loser you are. Your comments are usually very negative, rude and vulgar regarding the models that Squirt has on this site. You’ve been rude to others that have commented on your negative remarks. You called me an ugly old man, yet your picture is so fuzzy that I wonder as others do what the heck your hiding. phresh-phreak and philchester are only telling the truth, which you can’t face. You are an embarrassment on this site. You are the loser. Truth hurts, doesn’t lurker.

  8. He is the body beautiful, the cock beautiful and I am going to build a thousand fantasies around him – Thanks

  9. And in passing: Lurker you are invading other people’s space. So you like something so you don’t like something, that’s OK – but don’t bring your silly, queenly, vendettas onto Squirt. It is booooooring.

  10. “Rustin Iron”?


    This magnificent man deserves a better stage name than this stupid moniker.

    And then people wonder why men who work in the adult entertainment industry get so little respect.

  11. Wow.. this guy is utter perfection.. can’t even imagine what a night spent with him would be like. He’s out of this world.. Beautiful.

  12. I bet I can fuck better then this guy lol.. jus playing MAYBE.. but good body.. too over the top for me..

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