Vintage Playguy


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  1. Agree wiht meissen. Before trimming and shaving were the rage, pubic hair looked much better and more sexy.

  2. I TOTALLY agree with the two above gentlemen !!!!!!! Pubic hair is sexy when not shaved, trimed, or back brushed ( does anyone really back brush their pubes?? )

  3. oh god …this man just does it for me he has that older dominant type/look to him but at the same time looks like he will flip over for the hell of it.
    unlike a lot of these younger cute face blah younger guys
    and love the hairy legs and mmmm everything else

  4. I believe Mr. Pike went on to become a successful Colt or Falcon actor/model. Nice to see him again. (And I remember getting this issue in the mail way back when — still got it somewhere. Damn, I’m old.)

  5. Those were the days, when this Stud was in his Prime. Healthy and Hunky / Studly, without the Steroids, and when Sex was as it should be, (before the Safe Sex (S.S.) Nazi( Queens) started Mincing around Screaming on the streets) Natural, Un-shaved & Un-trimed, Bareback Sex, Screwing until you drained and leaking Cum from both Ends ~sigh~ *** Has a Post Fantasy Cigarette strolling down Memory Lane..ooops, can I say Cigarette anymore, is that the new BareBacking now?!***

  6. “Masculine..” says it all. Also, hairyman has to make a comeback! tired of smooth and clean shaven!!! Honestly, how often do you see a guy with moustache these days? moustache and beard are SEXY! Bring sexy back please, like the guy in this pic.

  7. Man oh Man do i remember this guy, had to buy a second magazine first one wore out//lol, give guys like this anyday –night whenever..tired of the twink look like guys more mature with hair yet neat…

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