Which 1 Girl 5 Gays cast member would you choose?


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  1. If I was into choosing a guy who is deciding whether to become a Transvestite or a Sex Change, MAYBE I’d be interested in one of these LOSERS, but since I’m not…NONE!!!! NEXT !!!! 🙁

  2. Those were some pretty assholeish comments guys. If you actually watched the show they are all pretty decent guys. You should be so lucky to even have one of them.

  3. Jonothan isn’t really my type at all, but he’s a total pig and it’s completely unexpected. Which is actually kinda hot.

  4. David first cause you know that sex would be so damn good,he’d wear my balls out.I love a challenge. Then Alex because who doesn’t love a sexy cub to molest in the morning or afternoon or whenever. Then Yerxa,because he looks like he’s a secret freak in the sack.

  5. Well wouldn’t be leaking for any of them if they’re all at SOPV I need to head to tonight. Then again with my SUCK-cess rate of scoring – probably any of them desperate enough to want me.

  6. JP first because he sounds like he would be good in bed and he is cute. Jonathan second. At first I thought he was too fem but there is that wild sex side to him that I like. I would love to suck and drain their cocks. I wouldn’t turn down any of them. I would like to blow all of them while they are fucking me.

  7. David without a doubt – in fact he’s the only one that appeals to me. I’m getting hard just seeing him sitting there legs wide open, hard defined chest, stubble on his face and a sexy grin on his face. I bet he’s a dirty fucker between the sheets!!!

  8. yeah beemer81, MaculineFoothillsMan is just an all round douche.. no one would really touch him every anyway so letting him choose who he would like is completely moot.

  9. I am probably missing the point, Sarge, because I don’t do television but if this is just about sucking and fucking I’ll take Alex as passing trade but I wouldn’t trust him and Yerxa for a more reliable date.
    It’s not a beard thing, though I look at bearded guys more lustfully of course, it’s all in the eyes.
    If they’re failed actors and attention seekers who’ll say anything for exposure, who care? Sit on my face and shut the fuck up, boy!

  10. In order:

    Those I’d have a hot naked time with doing many, many things:
    Ian (I dig his views and personality)
    Alex (he’s sexy in the nerdy way)
    JP (I like how refreshing blunt he is sexually)
    Jerry (I actually find him the most attractive physically by a slim margin; I also like that he’s not hung up on being “butch” because he’a trainer; he’s gay, gay, gay – sometimes “trying to be something you’re not from guys” can be quite annoying)

    For love making:
    Thomas (from a “romantic standpoint”; I think he’s adorable – I’d make LUV to him)
    Also Jerry (for what I said before).

  11. I enjoy the show! Wish they would feature more “str8” acting types though. Most are a lil 2 “queeny” 4 me. Anyway…David …hands down. Luv his attitude & look! Next…Alex …cause I luv gingy bears!

  12. I have never seen the show, so dont understand all these personality comments.
    Alex is the hottest as far as I am concerned.
    Yerxa, obviously eastern european background, very hot. The Eastern Europeans are so uninhibited and usually great lovers.
    And David, who wouldnt want to fuck David.

  13. if these six guys were the last gay guys on earth, I’d take David. But none of them look like men. They look like slackers from the 1990’s. forced to choose, David. But none of them are attractive

  14. Of the guys pictured; only David Robert does it for me. Now put some of the other guys from this show into the choices and I would have to include Matt Barker (cute as hell), Jake the nurse (hot on top of intelligent), Gerry (funny and hot body), Ish (Adorable and funny, Phillip (Adorable young cuddle bear) and Max (I just want to climb him and sit on his face.) There are several other new guys that are just coming onto the show that I would like to get a hold of too.

  15. Non of them in the show is good looking. No thank. This show has never had a good looking masculine and muscular men. I find the men in the show are very queeny.

  16. Alex and Dean hands dwn….i met Dean and he is a sweetheart…and Alex is just too cute!!!! the rest of them no thanks..they just dont do it for me & David NEVER EVER i met him as well and he is a cunt with common looks…but some ppl like cunts with a common look!!!!! Things that make u go hummmmmmm…

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