Which Andrew Christian Model Would You Choose? Matt, Sean, Chris, Nicco or my choice…Quinn?


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I posted these Andrew Christian underwear models last week and what was I thinking?! Perfect boys for “Who Would You Choose?”… so…

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  1. Sean … for sure!! looks at that torso!!
    and Chris… cuz there’s nothing like a BIG TALL man to climb on 🙂

  2. If Quinn is there, no others really exist for me. Even though I’m a sucker for tall guys like myself… 🙂

  3. For me i would have Matt and Nicco together and while the others are really great those two would be my choice.

  4. Quinn. He may not have the best body (though he’s not exactly chopped liver in that dept), but I can overlook that for that GORGEOUS face 😉 He’ll have to shave that beard though 🙂

  5. Matt, Sean, or Nicco for me.

    Matt for the beautiful thick chest and well-cut abs.

    Sean for them veiny arms, and thick handlebar traps.

    Nicco for that massive tricep, and lovely adonis belt.

    Quinn is cute, sure, but feels like someone I could find anywhere (in a good way, mind you). But if I have a choice between someone I culd find anywhere, and some lovely gorgeous men who have put hard work and sweat and iron into perfecting their physiques….I’m takin’ the latter anyday.

    And here comes Maculine to say I’d have to pay to get the ‘average’ guy to fuck me, let alone the well-built idols.

  6. I think Sean is really hot, good looking with a nice toned body. I also think Quinn is really cute, with a more average smooth body I could definitely cuddle with.

  7. Nicco and Sean. It would be heaven to be sandwiched between them, say for an entire weekend maybe. YES!

  8. SGT, we could share Quinn but without the underpants. Just naked as nature. Lick him all over including his pubic hair if he has any.

  9. Any chance of getting Quinn in a sexy action video? This one was just enough to want MORE>

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