Which Kilted Stranger Would You Choose?


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Mr. Treasure Trail (L)?
Mr. Sticker Tits (Middle) ?
or Mr. Pretty Boy (R) ?

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  1. 1 -Treasure trail Wanns see where that trail leads
    2 -Pretty Boy To make him feel real good!
    3 -Sticker Tits To Chew on his tits for a week or two

  2. I’d like ALL 3, but if I could only pick one it would be the dude on the right as you can see down into the top of his kilt

  3. As if I don’t have enough tough decisions to make on a daily basis… then you have to go and add to my troubles! I guess I’d have to say Mr. Left (love the rugged look, the arm hair, chest hair, and scruff), followed by Mr. Middle, and if I have enough energy left after them, Mr. Right.

  4. I so agree with Captian_Swallow! But I’d choose either middle guy or Mr. Pretty boy..heck I’m single and can’t seem to find a good boyfriend so give me whomever wants to skank with me 🙂

  5. Definatly the guy on the left, look at him, the smirk, the good time guy, obviously has the biggest dick and the most fun, th other two are pretty cocksuckers fighting for his dick. lol

  6. I actually know them! The one in the middle is a yoga instructor in Dallas and a friend of mine. He’s even hotter in person!

  7. It has to be Mr Treasure Trail. His rugged, handsome, maculinity, dirty confident smile that proves he’s the one that always has the best time in the sack, and his hairy arms and broad shoulders show he is the real man of the bunch. That lil wrist bracelet though hints at him maybe having a bit of a sensitive side too – he wud keep me satisfied for sure…

  8. They can take turns to fuck me in any order they like and when they have each shagged me hard they can start all over again.

  9. Where is BEN GODFRE?! In the meantime, I’d choose Mr. Treasure Trail, as I’m sure it would lead me to BG at some point 😉

  10. I’d first have to check, in my official role as chief snooper for the Kilt Police, that all kilts are being worn in the proper manner….I know, I know, hard times, but somebody has to do it! Instant de-boxering if discovered
    Then I’d give Mr Left my full attention and fuck him deep ‘n hard
    Followed by Mr Middle, etc

  11. Give me Mr. Treasure Trail. With a tral like that and those hairy arms, he has to have something great hidden beneath the kilt.

  12. Mr. Pretty Boy, or course. Reminds me of Rick Porcello, pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. Pure eaten stuff and I’d go balls deep on him all night long.

  13. Treasure Trail – he’s got the more solid slightly less defined body, but it’s the broad genuine cheeky smile that would get me in the sac with him. Grrrrrr.

  14. I agree, I too would like all three, but if I could only have one it would be the guy on the right. I like young thin guys!

  15. Middle Sticker Tits as got the same wicked smile as last Scotsman I blew. Can the others join in? ages ago 2 Scotish backpackers were fun. Memories any Scots please contact me. Down boy just looks like Mark 😉

  16. even tho he’s not hairy, gotta be the middle guy. crooked smiles make me crazy…….. plus, he’s cute as hell

  17. okay, well, tough pick. The guy in the middle has a wicked smile and reminds me of Luke Macfarlane. He’s be a great fuck. However, I’d take the guy on the right, the pretty boy, for a date and more. Those eyes. either one will do.

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