Which Squirt Long Beach Model Would You Choose?


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  1. None of them – all too artifical looking – totally manufactured and mass-produced. Where’s all the real men gone?

  2. No 6 is a hot looking guy . I wouldn’t be kicking him out of bed anytime soon , if he was in my bed to start with .

  3. I’d like to have them all lined up on the other side of a glory hole and I’d suck each one in turn.

  4. I have to see their pubic hair first. However if I cannot then No.1.
    He looks more masculine than the others. However this does not mean he is a top.Still no blonds…….

  5. why do they all, excluding 1 and 4, look like theyre 18. ugh.. someone take a photo in ten yrs time then ask me

  6. None of them. You were in Los Angeles county, paradise of hot men, and you chose these guys? Way too short, unmanly and twinky; if ethnic guys can be considered twinky. I don’t think so, actually.

  7. They can all do me…bareback..over and over and over again..taking turns. Until we are all completely exhausted and spent. Unless a bunch of you on here would take me up on that offer.

  8. #7, fuck-yeah! he is rather yummy – <3 2 c his eyes though and slurp-eat his lips like its ice cream on a cone…uh huh!

  9. Since you didn’t limit our choices to, “Which ONE…” I’d take them all EXCEPT #1. He can’t even stash his phone for the time required to snap a photo? Hate guys who’s lives revolve around their phones.

  10. None at all,they all look dreadful and I hate those silly sunglasses.Oh, and what do they moddle for????????

  11. none for me thanx!!!! BUT i will say that #4 is not bad at all but i would still rather none!

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