Which True Blood Character Would You Fuck?


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  1. this is a hard one, couldnt just pick one, will take jason and alcide, need one for each end , my mouth and arse.

  2. All of them are hot, like they could bukkake me that would be amazing!
    But my sentimental favourites are Sam and Hoyt…..Sam cuz he has this animalistic sexual energy to him….Hoyt cuz he’s just sooooo damn sweet, we could cuddle all night:)

  3. I would fuck Godric, however i would love to be fucked by Jason, eric and Lafyette in a train.

  4. I will take my “eggs” hard please. And then move on to any of them. No wrong pick here.

  5. I don’t know anything about the show they’re from, so choosing purely on the actor’s hotness, I’d go with Godric and Alcide, preferably an almalgamation of Godric’s face with Alcide’s body.

  6. it’s very HARD 2 choose, but Godric, Bill,Jason, Hoyt, Alcide, Jesus and Eric. they can totally take their turns on me :)they’re delish 😛

  7. mmm, yes, hard choice but I think it would have to be Jason- with a cock like that he could then fuck me! And I don’t even watch the prog- think I might now tho!

  8. Bill. Missionary position. I want to see his eyes roll back in his head as my thick cock enters him.

  9. well, at the risk of sounding like a slut, I would gladly fuck them all…one at a time, of course….a collection of beautiful, hot, sexy men…love ’em all.

  10. Godric and Alcide are sexy pretty. But what about that psycho Rene’ with the fake creole accent , now he was hot….

  11. Oh HOYT !!! I’d fuck him hard and deep with my long hot juicy dick until he just couldn’t help cumming fountains !!

  12. i’ll take : BILL,JASON,SAM,ALCIDE,HOYT,GODRIC and ERIC…each one of them for each night of the week….yum yum yum i’ll swallow every drop of their cums in my throat 🙂

  13. “Bill”, Stephen Moyer!!! Have had a huge crush on him since seeing him in BBC’s “NyLon”, and then ” The Starter Wife”!!!

  14. none of them for the reason being there is no pic of their rounded or hairy or smooth or pimpled or deep/shallow crack. lol

  15. 60 comments! LOL
    I’m not much of a Sam fan, but they can all bukkake my face, as long as I can take Hoyt home after.

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