Which Vintage Dude Would You Choose? Mr. Brunette or Mr. Blond?


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  1. I want to see these guys in Andrew Christian underwear. I think the blonde is Josh Kincaid, but it has been a long time.

  2. Mr. Brunette, no contest. Love that thick black mustache and even thicker pubic hair. I could bury my face in there.

  3. Either would make me very happy!!! Blonde guy has a great big cock and the black guy’s thick black pubes re so fucking hot!!! Yes please!

  4. Both…after the grow full goatees or shave off their typical pornstar staches. Too dated for that period. Otherwise, yum!

  5. I’d choose whichever one got to my bed first ( Hell, whoever REACHED me first!) and make the other one wait his turn, as I prefer 1 on 1 with Studs that are this Hot ( or were. My God, they’d be Senior citizens now, if they’re even still alive, and I doubt even Cialis or Viagra would help them. And let’s not forget about the Depends they’re probably wearing…:-( )

  6. Both have nice body and both guys have a nice cock, I want both it will lots of fun YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY.

  7. Both are fucking magnificent examples of rugged masculinity, and normally I prefer darker guys — but in this case the blond is truly exceptional. What a beauty.

  8. I’d suck em bothoff while my roaming hands went heavenwards. I just luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuve hairy muscle with pube nests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mr. Left… Not being a hog wanting both or size queen… Like Bitter69uk, I much rather prefer the darker guys

  10. Glad for the two men are best for the sex in the naked for a long times.I prefer both the men are very good for me.

  11. none of them!!!! they have such horrible tan lines…BUT i’ll give them this they do have nice bodies and nice cocks BUT no thanks!

  12. Target and Falcon performers of way back. I fantasized about them as I took care of my need for releif. Real men, just the way i like them.

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