Who Would You Choose?


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  1. The one on the right, has beautiful eyes and think he will be a good kisser. Can I choose scubajunkie as well?

  2. the one on the right… no only is he hot as all hell… he has the most amazingly captivating eyes and smile… the one of the left is hot but just doesn’t have the same… charm…

  3. the one on the right is my favorite. however, the guy on the left wouldnt be turned away by me. would love to see both of them naked and taste each of them

  4. I’m going with the guy on the left. Guy on the right would probably be good boyfriend material, but the guy on the left has all those muscles, and those ABS! And like someone said, he looks like he’s a rough guy.

    And there is nothing hotter than a muscular guy fucking you fast and hard, his abs all tight and hard, the veins in his body bulging from his skin, his muscles all flexing and getting harder and tighter as he gets closer to orgasm….oy…

    Excuse me, I have to go crash a Mr. Gay Olympia contest.

  5. My first choice would be to go with the blond (been partial to blond and red haired guys). Of course I am open to a good spit roasting, having both of them in me.

  6. Like both of them, remind me of my brother’s when we used to fool
    around… slurp! .O) Nice to be in the middle me thinks !

  7. Left. No contest. I would flipfck with him, get all nasty and sweaty, and then lick him clean when we are finished.

  8. I choose to enlist. If this is the caliber of men in the military now, let’s finish off DADT once and for all (and no, we’re not there yet). I’m all for supporting the troops — starting with these two.

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