Who Would You Choose?


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  1. Gosh.. can’t I have both? Failing that, the one on the right looks like he’d be a really sleazy, dirty fuck.. mmmm…

  2. I agree with
    “brawnbear Says:
    June 23rd, 2011 at 10:01 pm
    Gosh.. can’t I have both? Failing that, the one on the right looks like he’d be a really sleazy, dirty fuck.. mmmm…”

    That’s why I prefer the other guy!

  3. I’m so torn….I kind of want to pick the guy on the left, because he’s cuter looking, and I think his abs are far more striking (shape-wise, not ripped-wise, which the other guy wins), and his overall body shape is far more my preference.

    On the other hand, the guy everyone else seems to be picking does have a look about him that says “I’m the top, so I’m going to fuck you like a fleshlight so hard, so violent, so fast, and so long that you’ll be screaming, drooling, crying, and wimpering like a pussy. And just when you think you’ve recovered, I’m going to fuck you again.”

    Can I get the guy on the left weekdays, and the guy on the right on weekends?

  4. I’d go with the dark haired guy on the left. would love to yank on that draw string to get at his junk… love the happy trail of hair up to his navel! munch

  5. The one on the left. Looks like a long, slow, sensuous lover. Besides, he is cuter. Nothing wrong with the guy on the right, but gives the aura of less “nonsense”. Probably the other way around (LOL).

  6. the cut 1 looks like he can fuck the shit outta ya and the other guy looks like he can take it, but i’d like both ’cause they both look YUMMY 😛

  7. The dude on the left…no questions….I sure he squeals like a pig when is legs are in the air!

  8. I would definitely take the dude on the left. He is cuter, and he has a more natural looking body. The abs on the dude on the right are overly defined.

  9. Personally I like the guy on the right more than the left. I would make a pig of myself though and take them both. Have them take turns spit-roasting me.

  10. The guy on the left grey shorts. His shorts look like they are ready to fall and he knows how to use his tool!

  11. Lad on the right – looks right a right durty fukka 😛 Sure as hell can drill me till I scream!

  12. The one on the right will fuck you all night. The one on the left will make you breakfast. Tough choice — depends on your appetite.

  13. the blond guy fer sure… luv his ‘sticky out’ ears, sweet bod and his red-neck tan… Tho the darker hair’d bud looks like he could be packin 😛

  14. the hot lil fuck on the right…i’m sure he knows how to bang out a might fine fuk…MMMMMM yea boy, fuk ur daddy deeper……..

  15. What a choice! Both great looking guys – until I see the tats on his arm – now I find that a real turn off! I kow there are other guys who will disagree with me, but I really find most tats not artistis (and I’m an artist), must tats are pointless doodles done by people who have little artistic talent. Why spoil a thing of beauty by adding tat?

  16. Definitely the left. Nice smoother, gentle look. But the gentle ones are the best in the bed. And the shorts are lower in front as if to say “what r u waiting for, let’s get it on” !!

  17. Oh the boy on the left definitely. He is soooo damn cute. I love him already. The other guy is nice but not as cute. xxx

  18. The one on the left: he’s definitely cute, definitely showing a nice bulge, and I like his style… the way he wears his shorts quite low… mmmmmmmm

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