Who Would You Choose?


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  1. none of them by themselves…. but if 3 had 1’s body…. that an entirely different story 🙂

  2. Number 3 love all the fur!!!!! but number 1’s nipples look delicious and id love to tease them

  3. no 2 – love the meatiness and his lovely manly rounder face – no 1 has lovely hair and nice eyes

  4. Woo real men ! With all that fur…

    All 3 are so sexy !

    Difficult to choose. Will organize an orgy instead ! 🙂

  5. no.1 has a nice body and not bad looking and no.3 has a better face but the body lets him down, as for no.3 dollop

  6. I love that fur on fur contact so while I would take them all if I needed to pick I would have to go with three then one…but why must I?

  7. 1 definitely. Cute-ish face, hot muscular body, not too much hair. And his pants are all ready to fall off.

  8. All 3 if I the pleasure … but you want me to choose number one the eyes and those nice tattoos and the way he has his pants open ready for action.

  9. ill take number 4, the hot guy in blue behind them….sorry when you take off your sweater and you still have one on that’s a complete turn off for me

  10. 3 2 1 they r 4 all hot. but i like 2 cause he’s chubby nd has a smiley face nd i reckon he wil hav a huge log splitter dat i wud luv inside me. 3 is nice 2 hairy nd a cute smile. i think he wil b a catergory 9.5 dat wil satisfy me 2.

  11. I would have to say all 3 all the way they are all so hot eat one ass at time.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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