Who Would You Choose?


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Sir Black Briefs, Lord Red Tank or Duke Mustache?

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  1. Why do you guys keep doing this????It is getting harder and harder to decide. Rock, Paper, Scissors you cant go wrong with any of them

  2. It would be easier to choose if I could see Mr. Mustache’s legs — so absent that, I’ll take Black Briefs.

  3. Middle one looks a bit dorky.. in fact, they all do.. but pant’s on the right if I’m forced to.. :0)

  4. 3rd guy, definitely. HOT abs! Imagine those sweaty and tense while he’s fucking hard and fast, and then a hot load of cum splashed on top of that.

  5. These ‘Who Would You Choose’ are so hard!! I think I’d choose Duke Mustache. His abs are SICK!

  6. I’d start with the guy on the right, while the other two watch, then when he’s blown the other two can spit roast me.

  7. one on the right, as you know he is gonna have a big dick and a be a real dirty fucker! 🙂 Also, taches turn me on big time!

  8. the guy on the right, killer abs…sleazy come fuck me look…BIG bulge and facial hair…WOOF!

  9. The guy on the left, very sexy, nice hairy legs (love hairy men)…you know the tall dark and handsome kind of guy….mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  10. I love the one with the briefs and like the one with the mustache, I choose them all, want them all to fuck me 😉

  11. Oh the Duke on the right !! He looks very keen to get his dick out and have loads of hot sticky sex !!

  12. i would choose all three, but if i had to just choose one, i’d choose the one in the middle

  13. If I have to choose it would be the guy on the left… Like the nice hair legs. Why can’t I just have all three?

  14. MMMMmmm well all 3 Please….Sir Black Briefs, Lord Red Tank and Duke Mustache… Fuck…. what session / party we could have 🙂

  15. Hot, I wanna know which has the biggest cock:) Otherwise I am partial to cheesy mustache, despite his ‘stache!

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