Who Would You Choose?


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  1. Ooh the one on the left, I love the butch look. He can top my sweet ass all day long!!!!!!!!!

  2. they’re both a little young for me, but the abs on the one on the left, mmmmmm I’ll make an exception.

  3. Would definitely love them both. They could use both my holes at the same time then switch!!! Also, I have never been double fucked but would love to try and they sure could help me!!!

  4. BOTH simply for the fact that they shot this on a lubitel!!! Sgt. where did you find this image mate?!!?! srsly need to know who these guys are!!!!1

  5. Both of em could use my throat like a cunt anytime (as can any other
    hung guy who enjoys GLORY HOLE fun)

  6. Most certainly the one on the right. He can pound me at no end seeding me over and over again. Best sample of American cock.

  7. I suppose I’m just an insatiable SLUT ’cause I’ve chosen Both guys on any of these ‘choice’ sets over just one of ’em.

  8. Like some things about each better, but if forced to make a choice would take the guy on the right. Love the hairy chest!

  9. i would also pick the one on the left or just pick any guy here that made a massage there are some hotties here lol

  10. Gotta be the one on the right. hairier, great treasure trail & facial hair…… I’m ready now

  11. […] Featured these to on “Who Would You Choose?”… nice find. […]

  12. both have something about them except it would kill the mood seeing briefs like that they are certainly passion killers.

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