Who Would You Choose?


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A Whole Team Orgy!

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  1. #8 is the only hot one on the team……a stupid question really as there’s far too many of them to adequately make a choice. Why not simply show shots of one or two guys together rather than 16!!!

  2. How about all of them? That line up reminds me of an ABS experience where guys were lined up in a dark room waiting their turn while I crawled on my knees from the one who just fed me to the “next” guy

  3. I’d take ALL of them, that would fulfill a fantasy!! sucking 16 cocks and having them all cum on me….. Mmmmmm

  4. i would love to try them all to see who has a nice cock and see who is a top or bottom, i love to have a group sex party. bring the boys on with my 9in cock

  5. My fantasy would be for me to be on my knees naked and sucking them all followed by a piss shower from each. OH YEAH WOW

  6. Although I echo #5 for his curly mop top boyish look then move on to #15…delicious….then take them as they cum…er I mean come

  7. Wow.. Like a kid in a candy store. But then again, I like them in paris, lol! Let’s see…. hmmmm 2 & 3, 5 & 6, 8 & 9.. oh yeah… 12 & 15… Call me greedy, lol!!

  8. let’s see….1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16…in any random order….hell, I’d be blindfolded and on my all fours….

  9. I won’t be greedy, #5 is all I need maybe it’s the curly hair as stated previously but he seems to be the most intelligent as he’s the only one wearing shoes!!Then again #8 needs the rugby ball to hide his cock and if they’re numbered by position then #2 IS the hooker, lol

  10. decisions, decisions……….ummmm

    but maybe not in that order and it may take me a couple of days to fuck em all..

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