Who Would You Choose?


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  1. No:1 for his cute face and dark hair…..if not No:3 for his cute smile and hot abs and that cut cock…!

  2. 1: Tebow Time, right?
    5: Love a bit of hair (yum)
    3: Hot, cut, tatts, hair!!
    They are all hot, is this from
    a particular movie?? I wanna see it.

  3. No. 5

    The rest can get to cleaning, cooking and odd jobs round the house…n aked of course…but No.5 is needed in the bedroom!

  4. Not being greedy But… wouldn’t mind any of them…or all of them ….All good looking fit and sexy guys.. A dream come true if we could join them 🙂 🙂

  5. They’re all the same, only #1 has a bit of face stubble and a foeskin, so if I HAD to pick one….

  6. Definitely Number 1. The smile, the arms, the chest, the cock. I could spend a day in bed with Number1….kissing….licking….sucking…….

  7. I would take them all and drain them all of their hot and thick juices. Love those thick cocks ad big smooth balls!!! Y’all feed me baby!!!


  8. I completely agree with person #13!! Number 5 is my FIRST CHOICE and then I would work my way back from there. They all look so delicious and full of sweet cum!!

  9. Each and everyone and then afterwards each and everyone again! But probably spending a little more time with 1 and 2!

  10. Number 2. I’d put a Vulcan lip lock on him and suck him so dry he’d be a pile of dust at the end of it.

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