Who Would You Choose?


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I know you can’t see all of him… but I’d totally pick #5… fist in the air… sinewy legs. That’s my man!

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  1. Every single blessed one of them. All together. What an amazing assortment of studs. They could all fuck me into oblivion. I’d call it “Death by Stallions.”

  2. Hot Damn! This is one of the sexiest group of guys imaginable. Choose? It wouldn’t matter – I’d take anyone of them that would have me.

  3. Why choose – oh alright no need of me being greedy is there – Number for me it would be!!!!

  4. about time we had some cute fit lads to pic from *wuffff* 🙂
    wouldn’t say no to any of em .. but seeing as i cant have em all can you send 4 to my room .. great bod cute looking a nice cock on him mmmm and 2 for his cheeky grin .. think he would be a right dirty bastard in bed 🙂

    Lets have more of these sort of lads to pic from 😉

  5. ME- ME- ME I want them all. Line them up and do them each twice unless they can go for more.
    I know I’m greedy, can’t help it.

  6. # 8 love a big cock and balls that i can lick and suck all day and all night, fill me up with all that cream

  7. Bet No 5 has the hottest arse of the lot1! Would love 2 impale him on my big cock then fist him while i feed him sum poppers!!

  8. I’m torn by 1,2, and 6

    On the point of number 5…a shame none of these guys in porn ever feel the need to drop their bodyfat lower than 12-15%. A bit lower and they’d all have sexy sinewy legs.

  9. number 2 – nice toungue action
    number 4 – nice cock
    shit I can’t see everyones cock…………..I’ll have to take all the rest in turn to check ’em out!

  10. I’d like to play with #8’s fat dick, but I’d like to see #1 across the table at breakfast.

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