Who Would You Choose?


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  1. Making a decision based solely on the superficial, outwardly appearance of any of these very attractive gentlemen is extremely shallow and petty. But, hey, it’d certainly be rude to ignore your request.

    “A” totally! I would so drink icy cold margaritas drizzled over those fine-tuned abs, suck jello shots out that young, firm, tight (allegedly) ass and fill that confident smile-ridden mouth with my rock hard member while the other seven watched in envy. You know, since you asked.

  2. D, and C to start out with. I just don’t get a big cock vibe from them, and they both look more like the kind who’d like to get in, get out.

    B and F would fuck me after those two, alternating between fucking my mouth and fucking my hole. F would shoot all over my face, and then E would replace him. B would shoot all over my body and cock.

    A would fill in my rather hungry hole, while E continued to face fuck me. H will double stuff my mouth with E. After a few minutes, A will lie down and put me on top of him, cock in my ass, and then H will put his cock in as well. H will cum, and then E would join A in my ass until they both came.

    Finally, G and I would have a VERY long session together. He’s the cutest of the group, and he has that “Skinny guy with a MASSIVE cock you’ll never see coming” look.

  3. I would be hesitant to say which I prefer – they all look good. If they were naked I would cetainly make a better choice.

  4. I would love to spend time with A and H !!!
    They have something about them that spells
    effen chemistry!!!

  5. “E” it has to be “E”……pretty much every one else has sunglasses on a total sexual turn off…would love to feel “E” rub his hair between my butt..then i could rub my tongue and other things between his bumcheeks….

  6. Definitely E … looks like just a sexy regular guy… but of course, as with any guy… it’s the CHEMISTRY that makes a man sexy .

  7. any except c,d,f but starting one at a time a-h with exception of maybe e and g together as they look as though they would work well as a couple, c,d,and f could maybe go do there own thing.

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