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HELIX STUDIOS: It is obvious that our twinks are in amazing shape, and they work hard to stay that way. We happened to catch Andy Taylor and Corey Haynes just finishing up a run on a beautiful day. Andy suggests heading back to his place to cool down and clean up. Corey rubs his strong hands over Andy’s smooth runner’s legs and can’t help putting Andy’s cock in his mouth. Andy is more than happy to add more cardio to his day by drilling Casey’s tight and perfect ass.

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photos via SCULLYGUY

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  1. oink,oink,oink,yum those bums are just my type,smooth,round and tight. a little young butt so fuckable to teach.

  2. You pickup men at the beach, the gym or with a drink at a bar. You pick up boys like this with a free triple scoop at Baskin-Robins or with a puppy in your van at the playground. Just pervy jailbait. PASS!

  3. Mmmm more like it .. love to be the 3rd on that bed with them .. well cute lads with nice cocks .. knowing the posts of the past sure you’ll get .. come back in 50 years and they should be as hairy as gorillaz .. let the whining commence ……

  4. Gorgeous babes. Must I choose? I’d like to be a third in that scene. The pics that show both smooth hairless asses are the best.

  5. Even if these boys are legal — and that’s a big “if” — it’s not by much.

    And it’s not “whining” to be concerned about the ramifications of finding pictures of these boys on someone’s computer or phone — say a teacher, public figure, etc. By the time birth certificates are finally produced, the damage will have been done.

    There’s young, and then there’s young and questionable. If they look too young, then they should be treated that way — which means hands off, if you want to stay out of jail and the newspapers.

  6. These guys are a little young, but the last image of the bottom with his eyes closed is just how I feel with a nice cock up my ass…mmm..mmm….good

  7. Oh dear – sadly, davewesley was prescient: not only intolerantly-minded comments from those who’d have Sgt C show us only a certain type of man, but an absurd argument that (even in the face of an assertion by the pics’ publisher that the ‘models’ were over 18) anyone who, to any self-appointed arbiter in the matter, looks younger should be treated as if he were by all the rest of us! May we be protected from narrow-mindedness – especially in the gay community which needs tolerance from others in order to survive – and from those who would presume to dictate what is good for us.

  8. Are they old enough for us to be looking at them in nude photos???

    Ya’all had better watch out–the RCMPs might be busting down the doors of the offices and shutting down the site at any minute!!!

    They are so young they don’t even have any body hair!! I hope that the FBI doesn’t come bust down my doors and haul me off for looking at child porn!!! LOL I knew a guy who was a neighbor who got 85 years in federal prison for having child porn on his computer!!!

    They are “cute” but they are way too young for my tastes–not into twins.

  9. Damn typos–I meant “not into twinks–its the spell checker system on my computer that is responsible-it took four times writing that word without it changing it to “twins.” ARRGHHHH!!

  10. These guys hardly look old enough to drive, let alone legitimately appear in porn. Prefer “MEN” not boys. I’ll leave the boys to discover each other, and turn my attention to men with a few miles on them.

  11. You older gentlemen need to remember the time when you couldn’t tell the difference between a 50 yr old and a 60 yr old. Now that some of you are in that age group, or a bit younger, you can’t tell the difference between a 16 yr old and an 18 yr old. As someone closer to their age group, yeah they look 18 to me.
    Just because they LOOK younger to you doesn’t mean they are.

  12. The comments are so predictable in response to these pics. Same guys and same prejudices. If you don’t like the pics, be like the rest of us and keep your negative, bullshit comments to yourself. I don’t like 75% of the pics that are posted here but I don’t constantly bitch about it. The site is a public site meant to appease many likes not a site that is tailormade for the few narrow minded few.

  13. Oh my god.. there’s like seven shades of wrong in these pics.. take them away please and give them some testosterone laced cheeseburgers.. ugh..

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