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ALPHA MALES: Back on the job, Adam is calling on Jeff Stronger, the handsome tall French fucker to get to work with his new colleague and rookie Aaron Steel! Not really in the working mode however once he meets Aaron, that handsome Spaniard showing his tanned hairy skin is just what Jeff is after, and the distraction commences immediately. Jeff’s own big dick filling up with pressure at the sight of Aaron’s tight briefs being stretched over his bubble butt as he’s bent over under the sink! A proper cock hungry young hunk, Aaron sees dick and dives on it, tasting Jeff’s meat being heading up for a hard heavy kiss, their two beards meeting and scratching each other in a wet, tongue filled embrace, the passion from both these Mediterranean lovers is palpable! The leaky tap is forgotten and Aaron is pushed onto the kitchen counter, ass facing Jeff and soon filled with him too! Ending up on the floor, these two hunks work their muscle hard and Aaron is flipped this way and that, his ass put to the test until Jeff pulls out and covers it in spunk!



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  1. Tats can be a turnoff, but I really like the one this guy has on his hip/buttock. I wonder if it will look as good in say 30 years’ time? Or do you think it’s just makeup applied for the photo session. From the expression on his face, he doesn’t appear to be a happy camper. Perhaps he was recruited for this session under duress. What do you think?

  2. I prefer the bottom. Hot scenes. Imagine if this happened at home with a hot plumber? Woof. But I absolutely HATE the tattoos on the top. Is that strong enough, lol?

  3. Not your usual porno studio types. These guys actually look like they could come round and fit you a kitchen. I like this kind of look as you get the feeling that you could actually get to meet these guys (fantasising now LOL)

  4. I usually don’t go for uncut cocks, but both of these guys are so fine. Their kissing is amazing, and to be fucked like that again (yes, Jacques, I miss you badly!)

  5. I have never spat on a guy nor would I let someone spit on me. If they did, they’d be leaving via a Hard Kick in the ASS and never to return. It’s just HOGGISH and Low Down kind of disrespect towards another person.

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