Who Would You Choose? Baby Boy (Left) or Ol’ Daddy (Right)?


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  1. normally, I would choose the daddy in every situation. But between these two, I would have to choose the boy. Definitely the boy. Then the daddy. Yeah, just like that, the boy then the daddy.

  2. LOL…OMG..You’ve got to be kidding me?! Let’s see…a Handsome, Hung, Centerfold Perfect Stud in the prime of his life, and for a few years or decades to “cum”….OR…. muscular, but Bloated looking, Daddy type, who looks like his Best due date was quite a few years ago… hhhhmmm…decisions, decisions….DUH !!!!

  3. @masculinefoothillsman

    Ironic that someone of your age would make assumptions of the daddy type considering you have, what? less than 10 years before you fit the profile you just labeled him with.

    I’d take either.

  4. I can’t wait for masculinefootsman to be chasing all the younger `totty` only to be rejected in his forties. Grow up mate – men come in all shapes and sizes and you never know who’ll light that fire in years to come.

  5. Well I’m into daddy types but his cock is way too weenie, so I’d go for the slightly younger guy given the choice which I don’t actually have. I hate this who would you choose category, it’s stupid and meaningless

  6. Say what you want, it’s an OVER WHELMING LANDSLIDE who guys want, and it’s NOT some Bloated Looking Daddy! Also, there “cums” a time when you retire Gracefully from centre stage, so you DON’T turn into some Madonna type thing or Cher, shaking your Ass & thinking you’re Hot and Sexy against Young & Truly Sexy people, when in fact….you’re NOT! You’re not going to find me posting my over the Hill Ass online and expecting guys to Drool all over me. Oh…. and when you’re over the age of 50, even if you Body build….PLEASE, FOR GOD’S SAKE, DON’T wear a Thong on the Beach ! NOBODY wants to see your Boney, Sagging Ass on the Beach, and I personally DON’T want to be attacked by Sea Gulls and other Scavengers, wanting to feast on my Lunch, after I throw up looking at you !!! ;-(

  7. baby boy for a shag big daddy for a bf and lifetime of shags

    what i’d do to explore his whole body with my tongue after which we’d fukk each other senseless

  8. I would love to be fucking Baby Boy while Daddy is face fucking me, But if only one choice, then Baby Boym, definitly.

  9. I wanna watch ’em both fuck each other.

    and masculinefoothillsman, whether or not the young guy has the majority of votes – the daddy still got votes. Just because you don’t fancy him, does mean others don’t or as your comment gives the impression that it’s a ridiculous choice by having him in it.

    You say now that when you hit an older age that “You’re not going to find me posting my over the Hill Ass online and expecting guys to Drool all over me.” You don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future, so don’t jinx yourself, mate.
    Karma happens.

  10. @Masculinefoothillsman

    Out of 58 comments you believe that is was “overwhelming” in favor of the boy?

    Out of 58 comments the boy got 25

    Daddy got 13

    Both got 9

    So, 34 for the boy…22 for the daddy.

    Taking into the consideration that daddy has probably 25+ years on the boy, the numbers are pretty good for daddy.

    I’m also willing to bet that you don’t have the courage to stack yourself up to the daddy. You are closer to his age than the boy anyways, so it’s more of a fair contest.

    Set your pics to public and then we can see. Also, you might want to look at this while you’re at it:


  11. The man on the left is no “baby,” nor is he a “boy.” Chalk up another one for the erosion of language. As for me, I’ll take the man.

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