Who Would You Choose? Curly or Baseball Cap?


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  1. Curly looks like a nicer guy
    he can try to handle my powertool
    I would fire a big shooting load across his face and pecs

  2. Baseball cap, most definitely. He looks like a guy i used to fuck with and just seeing that picture brings back A LOT of fun memories

  3. baseball cap for his body nicer ass maybe better package

    but I like the curly hair guy too but

    Ball Cap Guy if I had to choose one

  4. neither….I don’t particularly enjoy the taste of adhesive on cock…They also have that “dumb teenie-bopper just into College” feel about them, and the stupidity of their behaviour, attitude, and speech would most likely be enough to put me off.

    Nice looking bodies, though. Let me know in a few years when their brain finishes maturing.

  5. I agree with AYA … they both look like typical straight frat douchbags … but that’s being too judgemental … ok, curly it is.

  6. true, but don’t need 2 have a good fuck expecting much from the head upstairs 😉 i like the curly haired guy; he looks sweet and cute to fuck me softly, but the ball cap guy looks like a hot rough fuck. kinda HARD 2 choose here, but will stick w/the dick w/curly hair 🙂

  7. Gotta love frat boys. I wanna be there when those duct-tape shorts come off. I’ll soothe whichever one’s dick doesn’t get ripped off in the process. There’s a lot to be said for “young, dumb and full o’ cum.” Meet the poster boys for that concept.

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