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RAGING STALLION: MVP Dorian Ferro and talented Jack Giles hit the showers with raging libidos after a rough game. All hands and tongues, they grasp and grope each other’s arms and kissing deeply as water courses over their beefy, soapy bodies. Their chests are a tangle of fur, and hardened cocks poke out from where their pelvises jam together. Flesh tightly pressed, they back into the towel rack, never letting an inch of space divide their steaming bodies. Jack kneels to suck, his headed guided by Dorian’s hand on his neck. While he’s down there, Jack quickly directs his attention to Dorian’s magnificent muscle-butt: perfectly-shaped and covered in hair.


Keeping one fist clamped on Dorian’s cock, Jack spreads Dorian’s ass and slurps the hole with his tongue and massages it with his thumb. Dorian makes an assist by adding two of his fingers, and Jack savors licking the juices off of them. While Dorian’s ass is always eager, his cock is mega hard and in need of release, so he makes an athletic move, bends Jack over and spears his ass from behind. Jack groans from complete sexual euphoria as Dorian pounds his ass. Jack takes it like a champion, reveling in every thrust from his teammate. He’s edges hard and then gets on his knees to take every drop of Dorian’s spooge in his mouth. After Dorian unloads, Jack swallows it all and sends his own wad down the drain.








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  1. yup.. jack and his ass is hope..love to see him suckin my cock..very hot, good lookin. i like the way he holds on the neck while getting plowed.

  2. DAMN! Jack is fucking hot but I’d get in on that action if either of them were in the shower with me! And Raif…I agree, I too love the way Jack holds onto Darian’s neck while getting boned. The man has many talents.

  3. Dorian not only because he is a fucker who will fit nicely but also for his sexy pubic hair. So rare now to see a guy with sexy pubic hair and he does not shave them.

  4. the bentley race stuff , it’s a no from me , an older dude with money pimping young dudes online, who are young ,it’s not my cuppa tea

  5. Furry Jack is hot! The other guy would be too if he didn’t keep clipping his body hair. Clip the head hair instead!

  6. Love’em BOTH … and since I’m a Bottom, I’ll give the edge to Dorian (love those eyes!) … but only the edge … Jack is Hot as well

  7. Damn! Those are fucking hot shots of the tops thick meat planted firmly in his bottoms tight fuck hole! Yummy!

  8. Dorian Ferro is one Beautiful Man, and I usually don’t go for Asian Guys, but this guys got all of it and more, Jack Giles is not bad either, but I really find Dorian to be one special guy, and he could put his shoes under my bed any day.

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