Who Would You Choose? Ginger Beard (left) or Mr. Grin (right)?


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  1. WOOF WOOF! HOT HOT ! Decisions,decisions,so i’ll take then both ,take turns with my hole boys and be sure to wear the leather,YUM 4 CUM !

  2. how to decide? Mr. Grin has a nice smile and eyes and Mr. Ginger also has a nice smile and eyes even tough he is not flashing his pearly whites. I’ll take both for a good time by all!

  3. If I can’t have both, I will have to choose Mr. Grin.
    Beautiful smile, strong body with lots of dark hair.
    Bet the cock looks even better.
    However, both men are yummy

  4. I would choose Ginger Beard and Mr.grin a hot erotic man play session notch sweat cascading down our bodies from the heat sex heavy as each one take turns making me their cum pig.

  5. I would have to take Mr. Grin first and then if I had anything left Mr’ Ginger could have me…….

  6. Both! and I’ll be in the middle kneeling taking them both on at one time!!! Feed me baby! Feed me baby!!

  7. The ginger bear beyond a shadow of a doubt. The one with the toothy grin is fetching too, but something about red hair is a total turn on for me!

  8. Let me suck their cocks and taste their cum. whichever taste sweetest is the one i choose. a rim job will be given in case of a tie. (and there will be a tie)

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