WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Griffin Barrows or Brandon Rivers?


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NEXT DOOR WORLD: They just can’t get enough! Griffin Barrows is in love with the sight, smell, and taste of Brandon Rivers’s sweet arm pits. Watch his tongue make long, sensuous laps, then his fingers touch the delicate strands of hair.

And Brandon finds solace in Griffin’s warm pits. They emit a certain smell that reminds him he’s safe. Griffin’s pits are where Brandon goes to feel both at home and aroused.

This time, Griffin’s starting out by enjoying some face time with Brandon’s pits, then stimulating Brandon’s nipples with his tongue. It’s something Griffin knows to heighten Brandon’s senses, making every inch of his body feel so vulnerable.

Then, after Brandon licks around Griffin’s body, Griffin lays his lover down, then gently begins licking and sucking his hard, eager cock. Griffin has primed Brandon perfectly.

Brandon feels as if this is the most intense blowjob he’s ever experienced…indeed it may be.

Then Brandon returns the favor by sucking Griffin’s stiff pole, then flipping Griffin’s legs forward so Brandon can access Griffin’s tight hole. He licks and flicks and causes Griffin to grow quite in the mood to be fucked. Brandon slides his dick into Griffin and works up a nice rhythm. Griffin jerks his meat while Brandon pounds that tender ass.

After some intense fucking, Brandon climbs atop Griffin’s big boner and goes for a ride. He bounces for a while before turning around on the bed to allow Griffin to continue banging him, doggystyle this time.

Check out Brandon’s wild cumshot all over gorgeous Griffin’s face. This is a wild, hot hookup that you’ll especially enjoy if you celebrate the darkest, most essential elements of the male physique.









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  1. I would take Brandons load lol. Why do some many queens feel its important to leave comments that they dont like the guys or their body art…??? Like anyone gives a fuck and all it shows is your picky or bitchy….just sayin…

    • Your comment would be more meaningful if it had come after a number of comments such as you bitch about. But, no. There was ONE comment before yours, which wasn’t really much of a putdown (and certainly didn’t mention “body art” at all).

      There’s a saying–pick your battles.

      But, here’s the thing, YOU, by writing, “I would take Brandons load lol,” are kind of showing that YOU are “picky.” What’s wrong with Griffin?

      For me, I prefer Griffin. Brandon’s okay, but I’ll admit to being “picky” when it comes to looking at pictures of other guys. I’ll comment about ink or dumb hair-do (like Brandon’s) when those features are easy to see. Put the dick through a glory hole, and that’s a different matter–especially if the lighting’s not all that great. But when I’m able to SEE a picture of a guy who’s pretty much ruined his fine body with stupid ink or who’s got a hair style that does NOT suit the guy, I’ve got as much right to say, “Wow, what a waste” as you do to drool over the guy.

      So, fuck off. Just sayin’.

    • You really are tedious.

      Yet again popping up with your outrage over nothing at all. You muse have a very frail ego yourself, to take offence where there clearly isn’t any, and then to hurl abuse in a hissyfit of a response… a bit “Queen-ish” don’t you think ?

    • Griffin is the most handsome man, I would like him to visit me in England. I would certainly show him the sights!

  2. Griffin is a gorgeous, sexy guy with beautiful eyes, a kickass beard, hot bod and even hotter cock. I would love to flip-fuck with him!

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