WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? HIGH PERFORMANCE MEN’s BRAD KALVO (Hairy) or Dean Monroe (Blush on Cheekbones)?


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Watch the FUR WORSHIP trailer HERE!

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High Performance Men presents Brad Kalvo and Dean Monroe in FUR WORSHIP. Dean is on all fours licking the feet of Brad in the locker room. He slowly makes his way up Brad’s massive hairy legs and begins to sniff the man scent out of his jock-strap which is bulging with Brad’s hard cock throbbing to get out.

Dean continues up Brad’s body to his massive furry chest where he licks and chews on Brad’s thick hair before the two embrace in a deep passionate kiss. The two soon have their cocks out of their jocks and Dean begins by deep throating Brad’s hard cock all the way to his hairy crotch. He works over Brad’s cock and balls all the while loving the thick patch of pubic hair covering everything. Dean then brings his own uncut cock up to Brad’s and does some docking before Brad is on his knees sucking Dean’s hard cock.

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Brad turns Dean around and goes to town eating his beautiful ass as Dean begs him to get his ass all wet so he can fuck him. Brad then gives Dean what he has been begging for and drives his cock deep inside as Dean moans in delight. Dean then climbs on top of Brad and rides his cock with abandon before lying on his back and letting Brad fuck the cum out of him. Brad shoots a nice load all over Dean’s hairy body and the two lap up each others cum from their fingers before swapping a deep and passionate kiss at the end.

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  1. Oh Jesus Murphy! Neither one, of course.

    It almost never fails; a guy’s overbuilt body has an inverse relationship to his undersized penis.
    I don’t know which is worse, the hair on his body or the hair on his head.

  2. Neither, they are both gross especially the filthy hairt one, buy a waxing voucher, I am baffled as to how overweight and disgusting hair is considered attractive. The younger one is just another “manly” clone when in fact is probably a big girl.

  3. wtf is wrong with you all the hairy one is hot and has great muscles. id suck his dick and let him fuck me. he is NOT overweight. and the bottom looks plenty manly to me since he is taking a pretty big dick in my opinion. ugh some times as gay men we can be real ass wholes!

  4. hairy one IS overweight, is even a bit chubby … he will be FAT very soon if he doesn’t start dieting and exercising …

  5. I take the huskier guy anytime and every time! Very sexy, nothing more masculine than a furry guy like that, masculinity without trappings. We all have different taste and we all are attracted to different people. I love bears, and the furrier the better. I would take the thin guy as well, eat his ass and fuck him well. Thank you for this posting. Please give us more hairy / furry men, would you?

  6. @blackshirt wtf? is obviuosly works out look at those muscles and so what if he has a little bit of a belly its just something to grab on to as your riding his cock. @hornyalltimetoo. same here i like the hairier guys and masculine guys as well.

  7. we may all have different tastes but theres no need to be mean aned call some one fat or overweight. things like that hurt even to a big porn star

  8. Are you fucking blind?!, no way is the hairy one overweight! He’s a perfect example of how a man should look. He’s a bodybuilder so I think he’s down the gym exercising more than you are! And what are you on about, undersized dick?! Once again, are blind? Id suck him dry… well said andre21!

  9. Neither ! I want a ginger / blond pubic hair cock to stretch my pussycunt. Is there anybody available ?

  10. i’d want the threesome–but i’m not exactly an egalitarian here–i wanna fuck the muscly hairy guy–i’d do anything at all (hopefully everything)with bigger-dicked smoothie…but wait, if i was suckin the smoothie, i guess i’d let the big guy fuck me after all…

  11. I don’t know which one is better than the other, luv both. I wish guys could breed (it’s not for want of trying) as these two would produce the hottest guy on the planet!

  12. OK I’ll say it. What the fuck is up with Brad Kalvo’s badly dyed hair and old geezer combover?! He’s got an amazingly hot body but his fuckin’ hair is a COMPLETE turn off. That’s big from me as I love furry musclebears but he was asking for sex I’d say, “Buzz that old man strip on your head, then we’ll fuck!” God that is so unattractive. Did he use Just For Men on that or what?!

  13. His shape looks rather typical of someone offseason or bulking to add size. Muscle doesn’t just pack on magically, and often times you have to deal with fat in order to obtain a good body.

    As it is, I’d like both, but my preference is towards the slender guy.

  14. Brad’s sexy, hot cock and ass, Dean’s far too hairy for my taste and what’s up with his hair !!!!!!!!

  15. LOL!! arseeater69 you got it backwards bud!! Brad Kelvo is the Muscled Rugged Hairy one…dean monroe is the bottom…BRAD over dean ANYDAY!!!…even with the greaser hair…He has looked better (do a google image search for him and you’ll die) but you can’t deny the guy has beautiful green eyes and that smile could make you melt…HurraY for big HAIRY muscle dudes!!!!

  16. Why all these negative comments? Great furry bodies. Dean Monroe has always been a favourite porn star to me. But I would love to rub my face in Brad’s chest too…

  17. Like natural hairy guys, not into baby soft smooth guys, Like to know its a guy I am with and not something that could be a guy or a girl. Hairy muscle is a MAJOR TURN ON. I would hit either but I would not mind playing third to these guys

  18. well either could lick my jockstrap but I think spit roast would be best for me! ( agree about the combover though)

  19. Brad gets my vote. Skin and bones and hairless bodies are fine for those who like them, but not all men were created as, nor do they desire to look like, pre-pubescents. I think it’s refreshing to see men with hairy bodies and some bulk on DVD and in photo layouts as a counterpoint to thin and hairless. While you’re at it, how about some men of color? Diversity.

  20. Brad is fucking hot!!!!!!!! he can do anything to me!!!!! blackshirt theres something seriously wrong if u think hes fat….. and hairy is fucking hotttttttttt…. Andre21 and longnthck are so right!!!!
    damn the other dude is pretty hot too

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