WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Julian Knowles OR Mateo Fernandez?



PRIDE STUDIOS: Julian Knowles has come to get himself a massage and Mateo Fernandez is the sexy masseur. They share a little small talk and once it is decided that Julian wants his massage nude and not covered, Mateo gets to work massaging his back, shoulders and glutes. Once he gets to his glutes Mateo takes some extra time and Julian responds by grabbling Mateo’s huge cock through his loose shorts. Mateo moves closer to Julian’s head and Julian pulls out Mateo’s massive cock and starts sucking him. Mateo continues to massage Julian while being sucked. He then climbs up on the table and straddles Julian and starts using his big cock to massage Julian’s back and then ass. Mateo then rims Julian’s ass before fucking him face down on the table. After fucking him on his belly and then doggy style, Mateo has Julian turn over and he fucks him until he cannot hold back and he pulls out and shoots his load onto Julian. Mateo then sucks Julian’s cock until Julian shoots his load into Mateo’s mouth and we see it ooze out the side of his mouth.

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24 comments on “WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Julian Knowles OR Mateo Fernandez?
  1. Avatar sicilianmikey says:


  2. Avatar aagold76 says:

    Matteo used to be one of the hottest guys I’d ever seen in gay porn- now it looks like he can barely get his eyes open. Another drug casuality in porn???

  3. Avatar ljg says:

    Usually can’t choose one over another but Mateo has a beautiful uncut cock.

  4. Avatar Biman96 says:


  5. Avatar DAVEWESLEY says:


  6. Avatar pmaul says:

    Not for me but nice asses.

  7. Avatar hrychstlvr69 says:

    A “nice to look at” set

  8. Avatar usechris says:

    Eyes look open to me. Love to get a massage from him.

  9. Avatar hole_stretcher says:

    i need a massage from Mateo

  10. Avatar thorrtonne says:

    I could fuck JUlian 2X per day for the rest of my life. At that rate I might not last long.

  11. Avatar garyneedsyou says:

    I would choose julian his body is tight and his dick is amazing would love to feel that down my throat yum

  12. Avatar deguy054 says:

    I want Mateo’s dick

  13. Avatar bimale1954 says:

    the top guy!

  14. Avatar seekking says:

    Tasty Mateo

  15. Avatar russer says:

    love to fuck mateo.

  16. Avatar showitoff says:

    Mateo could rub that big latino cock all over me! Perfect body too! I think Julian should have eaten Mateo’s load too though lol Nothing like tasty Latino spunk!

  17. Avatar catcher234 says:

    Mateo can use me an way he chooses!

  18. Avatar mbjk1956 says:

    Mateo is the man of my dreams.

  19. Avatar senior60 says:

    Pass, especially the guy with the graffiti

  20. Avatar cardiffmikey says:

    Julian – especially when he tops

  21. Avatar bike69 says:

    Julian with uncut meat.

  22. Avatar dudewithskeletons says:

    i’ll easily take the skinny guy

  23. Avatar clumpster says:

    Mateo definitely. Good body, and lovely dark uncut cock.

  24. Avatar elan27 says:

    OMG,both of them.They are both soooo fucking hot!