Who Would You Choose? Lito Cruz (Left) or Ben Venido (Right)?


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  1. I’m a ‘sucker’ for a Top, so Mr. Right would be my first choice but I could take care of Mr. Left while being taken care of by Mr. Right :o}}}

  2. Would love for Mr. Lito Cruz to warm my bed and me, like that smile he has, believe he would be hot in bed.

  3. beauty is in the eye of the beholder ?????
    but they are just plain creepy………..
    they are on some wanted poster in the southern U.S.

  4. I could do without them both!! but am sure there are dudes out there that would cumm in their pants knowing they were being bedded by either one or both!!

  5. amazing..how some guys on here only look at faces and bodies that have to be perfect…I for one have always found that the guys who are just plain or not super models are always the best in bed” wonder how many times guys lost out on great sex because of another’s looks? I think they would be good in bed.!!

  6. While I have a preference for hairy men which would give Lito Cruz the nod, Ben Venido displays an attention-getting sensuality that puts him in the running, as well. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Both of these men display a beauty that is unique in it’s appeal.

  7. non for me ta .. know one into twinky guys .. make a refreshing change to see some pics put up of them

  8. Hot guys for sure. I lean toward the shorter guy, but either of them look like a good, hot time.

  9. agree with btmtrucker2….bet they both would give a guy a good hard throat/ass fucking with a lot of sensual sexual 4play. Not everyone is a goddess and looks can be deceiving.

  10. ty nogagreflex as long as the guy is fun in bed and makes you sweat and smile looks dont matter..some guys on here way too picky..lol


  12. oh i would love the man on the right he can do me anytime anyway can i really meet him let me know lol

  13. Better be careful all you guys out there who find these 2 Creepy or not your type. You’ll be receiving Death Threats & calls for your Eradication

  14. Remember, there’s a group of Self Appointed Gay Nazi’s who make ALL the decisions about who you will Worship, Who you will Drool over, Who you Bow down to ( on your knees, or otherwise) and Who deserves to be Granted Divine Status during and after their Deaths (Either Accidental, Natural, or Self Induced…whatever) If you DARE to upset these Self Appointed (Annointed?) “Tolerant” High Priests of the Temple of Perpetual Indulgence, you will be made an example of, and the only Punishment worthy of any indescretion, ever so slight, receives an Auto-matic Death Sentence. Don’t say you haven’t been warned 🙁

  15. It appears that the ones leaving negative comments either have no picture or hide their face from view. Just wondering!!!

  16. It also appears that those who have left possitive comments who have face pics are just as scary as the two guys in the picture, fact.

  17. @ masculinefoothillsman

    For fucks sake, quit being such an attention whore.

    You’re not a victim, your’re not a martyr, you’re not a seer. What you are is a middle-aged troll who has nothing better to do with his sad little existence than to make grand, sweeping statements while profaning the dead.

    I don’t know what made you into such a bitter individual that you feel the need to lie in a blog about trivial shit, disrespect both the living and the dead, and slam a persons lifestyle choice. One thing is certain, i’m glad i’m not you.

    I’m the one who reported you to Squirt and i’m going to keep doing it. I encourage each and every Squirt member who visits this blog to block and report you until you either grow up or are gone forever.

    You aren’t a fanclub member, you post no pics, you have no profile except for one turn-off that’s so ironic it’s almost palpable and you’re a miserable excuse for a human.

    You have no respect for yourself, let alone anybody else.

  18. Gonna have to take a pass on both of them. Just don’t do anything for me at all. Hell, they could make me go hunt down a female for the evening.

  19. For a “BI?” guy, you sure sound like you’re wrapped in the Gay Flag, with your life being one endless hunt for “NSA” F*cks who you probably Don’t even remember their names or faces when you’re finished, Farmingtonguy. No doubt, your Mutha was the last female you had any contact with, so of course that makes you Half Straight. Well, when you repair your…um…”Girlfriend or Wife” after she sprung a Air Leak, I hope she forgives you for taking all those Boy Toys (lol) to the Cheap Motels you seem to know all about. 😉

  20. @masculinefoothillsman

    Every time you reply, you just enforce everything I say about you. Well done.

    I’m not wrapped uo in anything. And even if I was, you do realize that this is a gay site, right? Come after me with something bigger than horrible grammar and weak internet insults from 1990.

    You can say whatever you want about me, doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m 100% correct about you, and every time you reply, you prove me right.

    You really are a sad little shit, the best thing you’ll do for the planet is when your lungs stop taking in air.

  21. When I see you heading up a Gay Parade, wearing a jock strap and being F*cked by a Drag Queen on a Float, instead of Spouting your BS from Deep inside your Closet, pretending to your Family, Friends, and Imaginary GF, that your Straight, then I MIGHT listen to you. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least, if you engage in Fag Bashing so Nobody suspects you of being …*GASP*… Queer as a 3 Dollar Bill. Your all mouth piece here, but hopefully one of your Boy Toys Exposes & Outs you to everyone. Then we’ll see how Butch you are.

  22. @masculinefoothillsman

    You have problems with reading, don’t you? What am I saying, of course you do! My last post clearly said:

    “You can say whatever you want about me, doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m 100% correct about you, and every time you reply, you prove me right.”

    Every time you reply, you just keep proving me right. 🙂

    So by all means, keep burying yourself deeper and deeper into your hole. Such a bitter, ignorant and sad little boy you are, you just keep coming back only to get slapped back down again and again.

  23. what a total bunch of bitches making comments on this page – negative stuff indeed – sounds like you all need to get laid boys!

  24. @lookin2catch

    You made a comment on this page. By your own logic, that makes you a bitch as well.

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