Who Would You Choose? Mr. Left, Mr. Middle or Mr. Right?


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  1. Oi what happened to the guy in the middle’s cock?! Good thing he shaved his pubes or you’d never see it. And I’ll have the guy on the left, no inking and at least some pubes so he looks at least over the age of consent he he he

  2. I wouldn’t turn any of them away! Mr left is the cutest and has a great cock so if I have to choose I would want him to fuck me for sure.

  3. Mr Middle. His cock is perfect. There is nothing wrong with small shaved cocks. His cock is beautiful. There should be more pics of guys with small cocks.

  4. To me the one on the left is cutest, but I love that the other 2 are shaved smooth. So left can fuck my ass and middle and right can fuck my mouth.

  5. Mr Right, of course. I love the clean shaved look. Being an oral person, I hate getting a mouthful of hair whether I’m balls deep on a cock or rimming a clean fuck hole.

  6. I like the middle guy the most, but would love to have fun with all of them. I would suck off the middle one first & then the other two.

  7. If in reality it would be possible that I’d get a choice. Though fantasy wise Mr Middle. All-ways been a sucker for a cute smile like his. 😉

  8. Mr.left is the cutest, and I like his cock and natural pubic hair. A turn on for me. Like middle to. Could get his dick, balls and all in my mouth all at one time. Big turn on for me.

  9. the middle guy may have a small cock but a small cock very nice to suck and one can get get pleasure from sucking on one

  10. Middle Guy, I would like to blow him and let him sit on my chest while doing so. However they are all kinds of young for me!

  11. MR. MIDDLE…!! He’s adorable and sexy as fuck.. and to all you size queens, FUCK YOU!! there’s more to life than the size of someone’s cock.

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