Who Would You Choose? Mr. Left, Mr. Middle or Mr. Right?


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  1. I’ll take Mr Right Sgt. First of all no tats……second piercing blue eyes…..third Spock like ears and Oh he has a nice hardon.

  2. Oh, yeah! Mr. Right is right for me, any day.
    The other two should go get those tats burned off, if possible.

  3. Forget these guys ,enough already! I want to see more of the hot furry fucker on the main page. The guy in the blue shirt with the fur and stache , he is smokin!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m with u Frotbear about the guy on the main page in blue shirt – he’s fucking beautiful – wanna see a video of him with the other guy he’s kissing. I’m so hard every time I log in to Squirt just imagining his hot hairy body against mine. Love to eat his hiry arse out and suck that huge cock. More of that please and then we’d not have to answer stupid “Who would you choose questions”.
    U look quite hot yourself Frotbear!!!

  5. how do i get to the main page? i click onto the pic n it takes me from there. id take middle…LOVE twinks!!

  6. Slight dilemma for me. I find Mr. Right the most attractive in general to sleep with (I tend to be attracted to what the average guy “thinks” what a “top” should “look” like), but Mr. Left takes me off guard with a certain “je ne sais quoi”.

    So this time I’ll go with “3 way” and I become Mr. Middle.

  7. Mr Right right now MR Left later Master Center needs to go home looks like hes still in high school

  8. Mr Middle Twink lovely eyes and those stars WOW!!!

  9. Right! Then Left. I’ll just buy the middle one an ice cream cone and send him back to his Mom – I want NO time in jail!!

  10. With those boish devil may care looks (Mr) Middle. Not the largest cock but looks like he would be fun. (Not that I’m sure either of the other two couldnt entertain me)

  11. I wouldn’t have any of them – preciously trimmed pubes and tats are a big turn-off… besides they are far too young and twinky. Give me a man with a bit of body hair.

  12. I can’t Stop Laughing long enough to clear the Tears from my Eyes to Comment. And WHY hasn’t FORO commented yet?! Anyway… No Comment. NEXT ! 🙂

  13. LOL @ sunflyer86 ! Our Loss, Females gain. Another Meat Eater turns Vegetarian ( Fish is allowed I understand 🙁 )

  14. Mr. Right totally. Beautiful face with gorgeous blue eyes, and a perfect body to match. No distracting tatoos either. I’d love to take him to bed anytime.

  15. wood luv 2 get sum from Mr. Right and Left, butt LUV Mr. Right :p FUCKIN’ HOT AS HELL!!!!!!1

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