Who Would You Choose? Mr. Left or Mr. Right?


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  1. Definitely Mr. Right. Really cute face and awesome tatoo! The tatoo reminds me of a young hottie at work. He’s super cute too with a tatoo similar to this one. What dreams are made of, lol!

  2. I would like to choose a middle of the road position… if you know what I mean….LOL
    Two really amazing guys

  3. mr right no mr left no right left right no i got it mr right in one hole and left in the left over one

  4. Both have something special. More ink than natural skin, that’s a turn off. IMHO hating/dissing a guy because he has ink on HIS body is shallow. I choose both! Nowhere does Sarge EVER say, choose either or. He plainly asks who. That said, I made my choice!

  5. Can’t help noticing the resemblance, but I’d SWEAR the Stud on the right could be Paddy O’brians Kid Brother! Similar eyes, smile, even more so than BG’s brother. Now, if he’d kindly strip to let me confirm my suspicions…LOL !
    Both are Great this time, but I’m leaning more to the Republican side…LOL ! (Please, NO Hate Mail. Just means to the right of the pic 😉 )

  6. Even those both are adorable & cute and I could not choose both, I would choose Mr Right.. that strong face, great smile and goatee, is very sexy!

  7. Need to see even more of these hunks of manhood to get a better idea for it is too hard to decide which of the two is the one I would choose…..both HOT HOT HOT.

  8. You always make these choices so difficult. If I had to choose only one it would be Mr. Right. But I want both. Is a threesome in order?

  9. Definitely both. Let them spit roast me for a while. Or if one of them is a bottom, I would gladly be the meat in a fucking sandwich.

  10. wow, both are freaking cute… I’d go with the right one, love the tattoo, but the other could join in

  11. it would be Mr Right. love the tatt … big arms … just a little more mature, masculine … and that ol’ intangible … “hmmmm, there’s just something about that guy …”

  12. Mr Left – he’s got that dumb jock look and the one on the right is mainly a bottom on Randy Blue

  13. i’d definitely go with both. they look like a good fuck and look like they cuddle too…that’s a bonus considering that they’re already an A+ in my book 😉

  14. god some of u need to get over the tattoo thing it is tired and pathetic now…the question was simply who would u choose??? not do u like tattoos or not…both are good looking men and yer i would take both but at the same time there is nothing special about them they look as common as the other guys u put in here coach….just ur regular plain goodlooking guys

  15. I’m actually loving the “NEW” I HATE YOU SO MUCH, I HOPE YOU THROW YOURSELF UNDER A BUS WHILE YOU PLAY IN TRAFFIC LOSER!” comments from the Pro Ink crowd, to the Anti-Ink crowd. And to think it wasn’t even me who brought up this Issue ! LOL !
    All I can say is….”You GO Girls!” 😉

  16. *** Offers to get Bus Schedules for anyone who’d like one. Pro or Anti members all welcome ;-)***

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