Who Would You Choose? Mr. Left or Mr. Right?


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  1. I’d take the one on the left first then after i wore his ass out I’d do the guy on the right

  2. I would take Mr. Right first and once he was finished with me which I hope was never, then I would have Mr. Right do me til he was satisfied.

  3. This one is very tough, so:
    The right guy as an appetizer
    The Left guy as the main course.

  4. They’re both gorgeous!!! It would be Heaven to be between them!! I take the left one first and then the right!!

  5. Fuck… left then right… right then left… don’t care as long as I get to fuck both of em :))

  6. I would like them both, but I would start with the guy on thr right first then go with the guy on the left! 🙂

  7. I would choose “LURKER86” after he’s finished up with these 2, so I could lick every Inch of his Stud Body clean of Cum & Sweat, before I worked him up into another Hard on, and a better session than both these guys could give him 😉

  8. Has to be Mr Left – dark, smouldering good looks, firm thighs and abs with the suggestion of such a durty time ahead. Mr Left all the way…

  9. i would take the left one he is so cute! i like guys with hair the right one is bald

  10. WOW..hard to decide on this one. But My LEFT is more my speed, he can climb on my bones any time and fuck the hell out of me, first the mouth, then the ass

  11. Mr Right, cause he looks a big simple and I kinda like that (although Mr Left could always watch)

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