Who Would You Choose? Mr. Left or Mr. Right?


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  1. Neither. Both look like they forgot their Banjo’s and Moonshine back in the Woods. 🙁

  2. Like both of them, but if I had to choose it would be…Mr. Right (brawn & fuzz & boardshorts)

  3. For now will Mr.right.but if i see in 10years?will left.cuese if mr.right stop work out will body change to all fat…

  4. Neither… muscle mary’s just don’t do it for me because they become one pack harry’s. Slim and toned usually gets my vote.

  5. I have to try them first and then I will tell you. However it will be the one who will make my pussycunt very sore……..

  6. Both! I would be on my knees sucking both cock at at one time to completion!! Feed me Baby!!!

  7. Neither….I’m not into gym rats. I have an affinity for guys with natural, not so physically focused, bodies but with a lovely and somewhat humble presence. Save the “eye-candy” for someone else.

  8. Oy, it’s interesting to see how picky some of you guys are.

    Naturally slender build=anorexic

    Any combination of muscle with low body fat=steroids

    Muscle in general=totally obsessed with being in the gym all day long (In spite of the fact that the guys who spend all day in the gym NEVER look that good, because they’re stupid and have no clue how to properly work out)

    Too young, too old, too fat, too thin, too handsome, too pretty, everything from genetics to personal style/hygene/styling…

    Etc. etc. etc.

    Honestly, I’ll never understand how some people can be so firmly set against someone because of certain appearance. The world of sex – especially for gay men – is so vast and full of opportunity and chance for new experiences, that I honestly cannot fathom turning down a guy for something as silly as him having too much muscle (which neither of these guys has by a long shot), being too ripped, too slender, too dark-skinned, too pale…UGH

    Oh well, more for those of us who aren’t so narrow-minded. A shame too, because one of those guys who isn’t ‘your type’ could very well have been the best fuck of your life, or even the best love.

    Here’s to possibilities, and those who refuse to try them, leaving them open for others!

  9. EASY AS PIE: One looks like an actual man; one looks like a quasi-woman. Mr. Right.
    Funny, this is obviously from Venice Beach and you managed to find the palest guys in California. How Canadian.

  10. Sgt C,
    What is it with you and guys with facial hair? The guy on the right is too muscled up, too hairy and has a beard (of sorts). The guy on the left is ok ish but still a bit muscular for my taste. Are there no thin ish scrawny guys around? Guys who look like they need a good meal?

  11. Who are you super-selectives kidding? If either one of these men so much as nodded to you on a crowded street, you’d pop wood right on the spot. If they smiled in the process, you’d cream your jeans. And scrolling through the pix on the left-hand side of these comments, only four of you have earned the right to be critical, in my view.

  12. Welcome Back LURKER86 ! Missed you ! 🙂 PS – If they so much as made Eye contact with me, let alone Nodded & Smiled at me, I’d be ready to Mace them with the Spray Can I carry, besides Pulling out my Personal Taser I recently bought to make sure they were still Twitching on the Ground when the Cops arrived after I called them. They look like the type who’d Play Gay for Pay, or “Hey I’m Gay..wink” and then Gay Bash you for Fun. I’ll send them your way Trunzo. 😉

  13. Luckily, I consider myself a versatile top. I’d fuck the dude on the left and lay back for a rare bottoming session for the guy on the right.

  14. Sad to see that the Squirt-endorsed practice of advocating violence and hate-speech toward others — mace, tasers, “gay-bashing” and allegations that straight men engage in gay sex for money just because of their looks — continues.

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