Who Would You Choose? Mr. Left or Mr. Right?


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  1. Mr. Left will be very good best man.I wants the Mr Left will win the men so I will like see him.

  2. Mr. left, but he has to shave the facial/body hair and work on his pecs! Still, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed if he didn’t 😉

  3. Mr. Left. The reason? Chest hair. And any suggestion he should save that glorious chest hair is, at a bare minimum, misguided.

  4. To make things easy just send both of them over and let me see who lasts the longest then I’ll take him

  5. i would let them both do naughty things to me spit roast me double fuck me hold me down and rape me!
    Now need to go wank as my cock wont go down 😉

  6. SPIT ROAST!!!! Left being the top 70% of the time during that spit roast and then when we are done Left is going home with me!! Love the hairiness and cock on him 🙂 LOL

  7. Would like to be fucked by Left while I sucked or kissed Right!!
    If only one then it would be Left, love the fuzz!!

  8. There is no way that I would ever be lucky enough to get either one of them but it would have to be Mr Left and I hope he never shaves his chest or pubes

  9. Definitely left, love the facial hair, the body hair, and has a fantastic cock, and he has great lips for kissing,

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