Who Would You Choose… Mr. Left or Mr. Right?


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  1. Mr. Right, please! Love his sexy lean torso, out-y bellybutton, the 2 nipple rings & the tat2 on his shoulder… And i guess it doesn’t hurt that he also has the bigger cock! ; )

  2. I agree with frotbear,Why so little pubes on such great bods,whats wrong with being natural and hairy Mr Left 4 me

  3. Would take Mr. Right due to his cock size. I also agree with others about not liking the shaving of pubic hair these days.

  4. I agree with the “why shave?”. I once had a guy tell me that it’s sanitary to shave. I guess he didn’t know about soap and water.

  5. Oh dear! Such a hard decision. I would take both, but since I have to choose, I’ll take the one on the right. Can hardly wait!

  6. Mr Left, definitly. Like a bit more meat on my men. And I do mean the whole body, not just one aspect of it. Yummmmmy!

  7. Mr left is delicious, Mr right has a fab cock, so left with right’s cock, or right at the rear and left in front and me the filling. I can dream I suppose. X

  8. Mr Right as I love a big cock and it looks very delicious, I would tongue bathe that cock and his nice balls, licking and sucking it until it was throbbing and then slide it down my slutty throat until I could lick his balls wih my tongue, have him throat fuck me until he was ready to rape my slutty man cunt, pounding me in every position until he finally expolded deep in my slutty ass…. he would make me squeeze all of that cum out of my ass and then feed it to me, that would get him all rock hard again and we would start all over, hmmmmmm maybe Mr Left would walk in and use me too 🙂

  9. Right, and I didn’t even notice how big has cock was until someone mentioned it. I just like that he has some abs, a nice chest, and both nipples pierced (I like symmetry, what can I say?)

    Not to say I wouldn’t enjoy having both at once. first guy to prep me for the bigger cock, then getting both pounded into me at once, getting throat-fucked by mr. left while right pounds my hole into oblivion, after left cums, right throat-fucks me and finally shoots a huge load all over my face and in my mouth.

    Be right back, I need to go trap some straight guys. Where’d I put those cages…

  10. Definetely the right one for the pubic hair. I hate shaved pubic hair. There is nothing masculine about it and looks unhealthy.

  11. i would choose mr. right he is mmm tasty gorgeous. i want him in my mouth and up my ass. oh baby i wanna tear him up to

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