Who Would You Choose? Rafael Carreras (L) or Damien Crosse (R)?


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  1. god thats like asking do i like breathing hell i would choose both of them ,1 for each end then they could flip 🙂 two of the hottest guys around

  2. Yes, and both of them at the same time what we call simultaneous. I would love the stretching they will give me……

  3. Definately Rafael Carreras (L), the delicious man without any tats. He is a fine GOD deserving of all the talents of my mouth and he should enjoy feeding his fine bone to my cock hungry man hole. mmmmmmmm

  4. No question DAMIEN CROSSE. He IS A STUD! Always been my favorite! Breathes loud, fast and weird when he is ready to blow but…. I like him!

  5. i would choose neither, they are tooo TWINKEY, and dont look like real men !! ewww, they look latino, thats even worse !!

  6. To be fair I would have to try them both out and then then have a three way with them to be extra sure.

  7. yup i’ll take the one on the right ..looks like he wud hold ya down and give ya a good fucking

  8. I wanna do both and then let them take it in turns to do me. That would be a spit roast I’d be happy with. Mind you thrown in Steve Kelso, Arpad Miklos

  9. right that is why he s the right chocie ….not a tat lover but he is too much to pass up….

  10. The question is like asking a man dying of thirst in the desert whether he’d prefer Perrier or Evian! But since you asked — Latino is always one of my favourite flavours.

  11. Rafael has my vote. I like that big fat dick and he size of that cock head looks tasty.

  12. A big paat on the back for the guys that voted for natural beauty and no tats…..in this case RAFAEL!

  13. Since it’s fantasy anyway, I wanna get in the middle (any positions) and let them take the lead.

    If this were for real; I’d go the same way. Hot fuckers!!

  14. both one at a time then both together. very hot. like watching them have sex in front of me too.

  15. Damien………totally sexy looking guy – looks like he would fuck really hard mmmmmmmm.

  16. @luv_lust_n_lies..are u blind or stupid or both??? what is twinky about these two? do u even know what a twink is and looks like??? i am not going to sit hear and argue with stupid so my answer is BOTH MEN!! that is right MEN!!!

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