WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Sean Cody’s ROCCO (dark hair) or Bel Ami’s JACK HARRER (blond)?


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  1. The Blonde boy. Absolutely smitten… and I usually go for dark guys, but he is perfection.
    Rocco’s “ink” actually ruins it for me. The male body is beautiful on its own.

  2. Rocco of course I have always been attracted to dark hair and skin beside that look at those fucking eyes on Rocco damnn sexy !

  3. I’m usually more attracted to dark haired, non-twink guys, yet I prefer the blond twink in this comparison 😉

  4. They’re both Hot as Hell, but the blond has a beautiful mouth and cock, not that the other is bad, I’d do them both, if they wanted me, but they would not, so, I’ll just dream.

  5. Rocco wins this round for me as well, but Jack isn’t bad at all, and I will add that Bel Ami has some beautiful men on their site. =)

  6. I’m usually all about the dark hair and so yes I vote for him. Those eyes, that scruff, that body. But DAYUM that blond kid sure does have a sweet looking dick!

  7. Not into muscle-marys –so the blonde wins out –any body thats been spoilt with tats is a loser

  8. Rocco for sure. He is fucking gorgeous; Middle Eastern-looking, honey-colored eyes, dark hair and complexion, muscled, body hair where it counts. Mmmm . . .

  9. It’s a str8 choice between twink and man and for me it’s Rocco. Total masculine guy – beautiful furry chest and what a dark hairy arse he’s got. Yes please!!!

  10. Neither. I’ll go back to Joe Manganiello!!! After an alpha stud like Joe, these are like two cherries on a tree that haven’t quite ripened. Obviously I’m in the minority on this one but just my 2 cents.

  11. Easily Rocco, a muscular young man that’s a fine cub over skinny twink Jack. I’ll always choose a man over some cute skater boy off the playground.

  12. Jack seems to have more relaxing fun with his meat…yeah, I’d do him every which way til tomorrow!

  13. Am greedy! I would choose both of them and challenge them to satisfy me until I was unable to walk and talk!!

  14. Let Rocco fuck me but I really want a long time with Jack. He just is luscious to taste and I want that hole so bad- eat it rim it and fuck him and take his load in my mouth at that end for a long sharing kiss. Woooooof

  15. the picture collection altogether is pretty awesome in itself. but i think i’d have to go with jack. i imagine he might actually have something to say for himself afterwards – which helps..

    what do i win?

  16. I take both. Together or separate. Two different type of man, why chose? Both hot on their own way.

  17. For me…..Jack! Wow! Fucking Hot! I do prefer blonds, but that hot thick cock and eyes blow me away! I would love to eat his hole and swallow his cum over and over……Yum!

  18. I like both…but i’d have to say Jack, nice thick cock for me to bounce up and down on and a hot hole for me to bury my face in 🙂

  19. I am not surprised there are so many guys giving an answer to the question “Who” for these two guys; for I want to live a time with Jack then have Rocco join us and we will just LOVE for ever – well have sex together, you know what I mean? Fuck they are both so special!

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