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HOT HOUSE: Eager assistant Tegan Zayne is in the office trying to figure out how to complete a short sale, JJ Knight comes over to help him resolve the tricky issue. When they solve that problem, they move on to a harder challenge for Tegan: servicing JJ’s massive, throbbing cock, but Tegan is up for the task. Undoing his fly, JJ unleashes his enormous slab of meat, and Tegan stretches his mouth around its incredible girth. Tegan tongues the giant head and uses his hands to stroke the hefty shaft. JJ’s heavy balls hang low and swing back and forth as he fucks Tegan’s scruffy face. Pulling down his pants, Tegan exposes his exceptionally furry ass for JJ to rim.

With great enthusiasm, JJ dives in tongue first, lubing Tegan’s hole with plenty of spit. Leaning back in his chair, JJ invites Tegan to sit down on his thick fuck stick. Tegan’s own cock bounces in the air as he rides JJ’s tool. Laying back on the office desk, Tegan gets pummeled missionary style, and JJ ramps up the power of his thrusting. With so many inches inside him, Tegan gets closer and closer to the edge. Jerking his cock in time with JJ’s thrusting, Tegan explodes with a spurting cum fountain, blasting semen high in the air and raining globs of cum down on his torso. Almost instantly, JJ blows his load, squirting a geyser across Tegan’s body and landing on the shoulder of his blue dress shirt.









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  1. hi not sure which one to choose from so can i be greedy and have the pair of them sure we could have plenty of fun

  2. hehehe yeahh he does look a bit like Rick Astley think Rick is cuter tho .. think id go for the bottom guy .. he would be stunning if he got rid of the beard tho

  3. I have NEVER understood why, when two or more guys are fucking in these movies, they’re wearing shoes (or boots or whatever). I mean, I can understand leaving the socks on but, in MY experience, when I’m trying to take off my pants, I can’t usually pull them off OVER my shoes. *I* have to take off my shoes first. Now, the top? He doesn’t really need to worry about his shoes being on or off–he just drops trousers to his ankles and he’s in business. But if the bottom is going to be propped up on a table like Tegan is and his pants are going to be off, why put the shoes back on? If the shoes are going to stay on, then leave the pants at his ankles and let the top put himself inside the “triangle.” I’ve kind of become accustomed to the “magic condom” in porn (even when the guys are in a gym shower setting and don’t have any accoutrements–like a shaving kit, etc–in the shower with them, but SOMEHOW they find a condom; hence, “magic condom”) but this “bottom keeps his shoes on while his feet are hoisted to heaven” thing just takes me out of the scene. This is worse than all the complaints about “posing.” (There are SOME cases–like the guys are out in the woods and the eventual bottom is wearing fairly loose-fitting hiking shorts–where the shoes staying on CAN make some sense. But a guy wearing any sort of jeans or dress slacks, trying to get those off over a pair of shoes? Yeah. Not so much. Even a scene at a realistic construction site, safety concerns make it sensible for both guys to wear shoes–especially when the bottom starts off being bent over a sawhorse or a ladder or something. But these guys are in an office where the odds of stepping on anything sharp in sock feet is pretty low.)

    Sorry. Rant over.

    As to the GUYS themselves, I wouldn’t mind a little time with each or both.

  4. JJ has the biggest cock, but Tegan is fucking gorgeous and looks good enough to eat!
    I will have to go with TEGAN!!!

  5. Tegan is my type from the start, the other has a great body and know how to work it, but I still give it to Tegan, his Beard and body hair would drive me crazy with lust.

  6. There’s just something about Tegan. He can pull off any look, any scene. (I agree with the above poster about the shoes, though.) He’s gorgeous in and out of his clothes, whether it’s a suit or jeans. His beard is a huge turn-on for me. It’s full, masculine, erotic and is perfect for his face. His chest hair is perfection as well. His ass — well, it goes without saying, he’s a hot fucking bottom. I love his cock, too. Hey, you get the picture. I get a hard-on just thinking about this guy. Pretty much love any porn he does. Hope he stays on the gay porn scene for a long time.

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