WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Tyler St.James (top) or Dereck Fox (bottom)? (via MEN.com)


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Hmmmm… what’s this?

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following pics via WAY BIG!

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  1. Did not like the guy pulling back for a Punch in the face, he says he’s straight, yeah right.
    I would love to have the Latino much more, he is handsome and Natural

  2. Oh just loved the guy with the foreskin !!!I could work on that all day !!and half the night !!Yummmmmmm !!!!

  3. The shot where he is ready to punch and strangle this man was not needed. There is so much violence in this world that this wasn’t needed. Why, why did you choose this photo? Common Squirt, we already got rid of lurker with his racist and rude comments.

  4. damn hot – they can both grind their sweet assholes in my face anytime – my tongue is watering now….

  5. Either, and both.

    But you disrespect both men (and us) by including the posed-violence shot.

    Not sexy, not smart. Not for me.

  6. yes, have to agree the shot of violence was a bit over the top. now who to choose, for me its a no brainer, would have to be the one who is cut. not a big fan of the skin.

  7. Close, but Derek. A natural guy who trimmed his hair for the muscle look with a nice uncut tool. Coming from a generation where almost everyone was cut, I think that most guys that don’t like it had little experience with it growing up or early on ran into a ‘cheesy’ one that turned them off. That’s a decision a guy should make for himself when he comes of age, not the parents nor a religion he may not follow. Female circumcision has been banned for decades in the Western world. Why not equal protection under the law for men?

  8. HOT AS FUCK PHOTOS….and I think it’s hot when things are a little rough…..just sayin….
    But I would choose either to fuck, both are hot as hell, but jeez that TOP has an amazing COCK and that bottom swallows it to the base, like a pro…..
    Nothing hotter then muscle sluts!!

  9. They are the hottest strong manly and muscled with nice hard bodies and cocks.

  10. Dereck without doubt!!! Dark features, beautiful eyes, hairy armpits and a sexy furry arse that just swallows Tyler’s big cock. Dereck is fucking gorgeous!

  11. Dereck, just muscular enough without being ott, good looking with a hot eatable ass, Tyler’s cock is almost perfect (needs to be thicker for my bucket ass lol) but his physic and looks aren’t for me.

  12. Well I would be willing to sit on either them and let them eat my ass and fuck me and then do the same. But yes the one pic where the one looks to be punching the other- no way. Gentle please whenh your cocks are that awesome.

  13. Well I would be willing to sit on either of them and let them eat my ass and fuck me and then do the same. But yes the one pic where the one looks to be punching the other- no way. Gentle please whenh your cocks are that awesome.

  14. would faaaaaaar prefer the skinny red-headed truckie who lives nearby or the labourer with spiky hair and nice smile and beer-belly who chats to me in the park

  15. well I’m going to be greedy and have them both. The top obviously up my hole and the bottom in my mouth then get thm to shoot their hot loads over my face then feed me every drop and finish with a glass of hot piss to wash it all down ok I know I’m slut but cant help it

  16. Tyler has got the nicer dick…great head on it, but I am not really too into the whole muscle man look or attitude so I will just have to suck his cock and then split.

  17. Neither thanks. As previously mentioned, there appears to be an arrogant streak coming across in the pictures which turns me right off. I was going to say “too up themselves”, if you pardon the pun!

  18. Given the choice, Mr Fox please. Mainly because of his pubes and legs, but honestly, I would settle for either.
    As they are just fantasy figures, I will overlook their mock violence. Or I would tame them. Hey – I said this was fantasy!

  19. “steroids in gay men was popular in the 80′s, not a good look these days ”

    Yeah, and what in these pictures suggests steroids?

    ” that guys quads are gross ”

    No, his hamstrings are gross. Under developed. If they were filled out more they’d balance out the sexy beautiful quads.

    The storyline in the video (If this is the one I’m thinking of, since video and photoshoot are done separately) is two straight guys talking about a girl one’s interested in, only to find out the other guy had a sample of her goods. Accounts for both the attitude and violence. And no, people, not everyone with a good body is arrogant and snooty. Perhaps you’re just amplifying any negative personality traits to mammoth proportions out of inadequacy?

  20. My first choice would be the hairier, uncut one — the one who is clearly more comfortable with all that the Creator gave him.

  21. The video for this series brings the story to light….two gym buds end up sucking and fucking! Both hot in their own way but also a sense of arrogance from both but damn the sex is nice! Sure would like finding both these guys in the shower after that workout and give their cocks some more relief!

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